Events with Jayem

    Moving beyond Idea and Concept
    into Living Practice

    Nov 11- 14, 2021

    The Netherlands

    The Way of Mastery began in 1987, when Jeshua (Jesus) appeared in a field of bright light in the living room of Jayem. This began a rich, vast, and deep gift of teachings entitled The Way of Mastery. The library of original recordings of Jeshua, where He quite literally removed Jayem from the body and entered it to teach, are astonishing, healing, liberating. The Way of Mastery Pathway under His guidance has evolved to fulfil His promise to ‘create a pathway never seen in the world, one that can support anyone from the first inkling to waken all the way into Christed Being.’ The best known part of the Pathway are the ‘Way of’ Teachings: Way of the Heart, Way of Transformation, and Way of Knowing.’


    A Way of Mastery Event with Jayem

    December 5-10, 2021

    Scottsdale, Arizona USA

    The Way of Mastery is the profound Pathway emerging from Jayem’s communion with Jeshua for over three decades. Sublime, wise, experiential, this pathway generates astounding transformation and the grace of miracles as one truly begins to move from ‘mind to feeling communion’ and comes to rest in the field of Love, Itself.