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Aloha everyone!

Our Way of Mastery website is officially kaput! Dead! Pau! It kicked the bucket! It cut the cheese!

Funny thing…I have been feeling for well over a year that it was going to be needing a vast overhaul in order to serve the evolving nature of the PathWay.

Imagine…. a website technically capable of handling a huge amount of video and audio, including my darshans on the 3 principle 'Way of' texts, along with future explorations of the Way of the Servant, the Early Years, Jeshua's Vision for the PathWay, and instructional videos in LovesBreath, Radical Inquiry, the Aramaic teachings and practices, and so much more!

Imagine…. Jewels of the Christ Mind and forthcoming online courses all easily accessible and easy to use, so that anyone, anytime and anywhere, can begin or deepen their Journey with a click of a button! And how about interactive forums, webcasts, and the capacity to have multiple courses given by various PathWay Teachers at one's fingertips?

Imagine…. not just my own on-going sharing via a 'blog', but also the capacity to do interviews with leading teachers and 'technicians' of the Journey, from the Christ Path, but also ancillary and helpful guidance in yoga, sexuality, and real relationship?

And what if it could all be done with minimal oversight, with the goal being a 'repository' of all the essential offerings of the PathWay designed to help serve the lofty goal He has given, and defined in Way of the Heart: a 'pathway capable of assisting anyone from the first inkling to awaken all the way into Christ Mind'? That is no small feat, but anything truly worthwhile isn't!

Such a vision will require a substantial expenditure over the coming year or so, and so I am asking you to consider - by simply making your home in the breathing - if supporting such a vision with a financial contribution would make your heart sing! Or…not!

We have the funds to make the first step, so work is underway... If you feel to support this, please do the following: write to me directly at to let me know what you may feel to contribute.


A Reminder:

Some space remains in our coming 5 day retreat in beautiful Ireland! Truly ready to dive deep to the roots of the self and rise in Love as never before?

Come, and join us as we discover together just how powerful Real Love can be, and take home not just experience, but the skilful means to live IN, AS, and FROM Soul! Come! Play, die into ever greater Life, and feel real Peace descend into your very bones!


Donegal Ireland

September 18-23, 2016

A five day residential retreat with Jayem

Venue: The Breezy Center Donegal, Ireland

Dates: Sept 18-23 (5 nights shared accommodation and all meals provided)

Fee:  $670 USD (non-refundable deposit of $250 and balance before Sept 1st).  

Our gathering will involve:

  • Aramaic chanting and dance
  • Shalu (Attunement)
  • Fun dyadic play that illuminates the hidden ways of ego and open the innocent Heart in Love
  • Opportunity to work directly with Jayem, known for his gifted and transforming guidance
  • Enjoying the stunning Nature of Ireland
  • Deep Silence
  • And more!

To register for this event please send an email to:

For more information about the event or the venue please contact:

Complete information on travel and more will be provided upon registration.