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This is a sharing on Living Practice, inspired by a video called: "Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman".

Watch to discover!

"You will see, feeling is understanding"
~ The Iceman

Our potential is infinite IF we are willing to submit to 'genuine studentship'. This is VERY different than reading texts, thinking about them, and then forming opinions based on whether "I" judge the ideas 'worthy' of my accepting them. In short, real studentship IS a submission to go beyond the concepts and ideas offered, and to take up the living practices offered - sufficiently over time - so that we may discover for ourselves that, in fact, the Ideas DO point to doorways I previously could not even see: a genuine spirituality is an invitation to begin to discern (see) and enter doorways in Consciousness and the ONLY way to do so is to take up the living practices.

In Way of Mastery, we are provided exquisitely unfolded practices - right from the 'get-go' of Lesson One, Way of the Heart - and continuing beyond the formal teachings as we enter LovesBreath and Radical Inquiry; trust me, there is so much more waiting to be unfolded, but it can only begin to 'touch' us and call us to the degree that we have followed the touchstones - the living practices - of the PathWay Itself. Guess what? When we 'hit our resistance edges', we will do the only thing possible: we will 'bounce off' (via judgment, separation, even attack, opinions, etc. ALL of which are choices of mind) RATHER than actually engage the practices given! This defensiveness of Ego is as universal as is the law of gravity.

This video - the Iceman - will seem 'sensational' at first: it demonstrates that the 'laws' of science are not final, and invites us to participate in practices MOST of us would deem 'crazy', or - in the spirit of spiritualized intellectualism/spiritual ego - deem as 'simply missing the point'. Trust me, wherever the 'edge of our transformation' comes TO us from the unknown, AND we let resistance be our god, we WILL concoct all manner of seemingly rational justifications. Here are a few I have heard a few thousand times from others after attempting to use them myself for years: 'I don't have time.' 'It's not working'. 'I don't understand why'. Know of any more?

At a deeper level, if you rest in breath, and curiosity, you might begin to discern something deeper in this remarkable documentary. The journey of healing ~ notice WHERE and what seems to stimulate the Iceman's quest, what it carries him through, AND how the journey changes him. For you see, genuine studentship changes the student:

"The one who ends this journey will not be the one who began it." ~ from my book, Recline in My Soul.

Genuine Studentship changes - even radically so - the 'I' who first, by a mysterious grace, even dares to submit to immersion in Practices RATHER than remain at the level of mental gymnastics (beliefs), and most certainly the great ego defense of pontificating and opinionating ABOUT Ideas offered from spheres of Being that surpass the sphere of the 'I' we believe is 'me, myself, and I'. This 'I' does NOT come to spirituality to be transformed: it is simply seeking ways to comfortably justify NOT being changed by the force of Spirit, Itself.

I am a 'mystic'. I became one via genuine studentship. A mystic is one who discovers that the goal of spirituality is found in immersion in the Living Practices of a pathway, NOT in deciding to accept the 'doorways of initial Ideas' that are merely pointers toward..what? Living Practice.

For example, in Way of Mastery, Jeshua offers us the first touchstone of living practice. It is exquisite, for IF we actually engage it until its a part of us 24/7, it is exactly the core practice that opens all subsequent doorways into a 'greater depth, higher illumination, and wider embrace', and here it is:

"Why do I feel what I feel, think what I think, do what I do?"

To what degree have you engaged this as a living practice? What does it do? It begins to bring about the emergence of the Witness: a gradual de-fusion from the 'I' we have been, and are being unconsciously, 24/7! But how many enter studentship with even this first living practice? Only you can know the answer that is true in your own case, and this only to the degree we are willing to be honest with ourselves.

So, I encourage you to watch, be inspired, and then reflect on the 'layers' of this documentary. Feats that defy the norm. Potentials sleeping in everyone. The journey of how suffering can finally force us to seek a better way, to seek for a far more profound Wholeness, and finally, how such a journey changes us: the real goal of Genuine Spirituality.

Who knows? You may be inspired to 'dive in' with the Iceman, to discover what you may not yet know, you don't know. For you see, the potentials of Christ Mind are NOT Ideas to be believed in or rejected. They emerge ONLY from the degree of immersion in Studentship: the actual engaging of the Living Practices - what I call the touchstones - as He has unfolded them before us, waiting for when WE are finally ready for them. Not everyone is ready for the depth of LovesBreath and the rigors of Radical Inquiry, assimilating them until they are 'closer to us than ourselves'. Not everyone will actually put on the CD In the Name of, and immerse in it sufficiently so a profound alchemical shift occurs and the prayer 'begins to live them', unfolding the spheres of Consciousness that can't be 'seen' (much less operated from) without immersion in the Practice.

Ultimately then, the value of watching The Iceman is NOT the simple level of sensationalism, nor of wasted time in 'opinionated debate'. This is a living journey of one being who began in one level of consciousness and has been delivered into a wholly and radically new one. The real value is this: "What is my relationship to Living Practices?" For you see, the life we live habitually IS the result of a living practice; we are 'rutted', failing to see that WHAT we see, and how we live IS the EFFECT of what we chose to be devoted to! Ego IS an effect, and it took billions of years to manifest it so that it permeates and dominates Consciousness as Humanity. Some love it so much they defend it as the epitome of evolution itself, but guess what?

We cannot help but knock up against its limits, eventually. This is, at first, disturbing: our 'god' has failed us! But t'is only the evolutionary impulse now stirring humanity to further real growth. Jeshua refers to the potential of Light beyond Ego as Christ Mind: which, because it can 'see' higher vision, of a humanity transfigured in Love, in turn transfiguring every aspect of humanity's expression, also grows us to be capable of serving Vision with 'all our heart, with all our minds, and with all our soul'. This is the flowering not of belief in Idea, but the EFFECT of immersion in Living Practice.

The Iceman hit the limits of his own ego/persona structure, and something swept him into domains spurred by the evolutionary impulse to find a higher order Wholeness, and it flowered in him a purpose that is very different than the one that ran him in the beginning... can you spot this 'soul arc'? As you watch it, ask: "What is the purpose he is fused to in the beginning? What is it at the end? How has the journey changed him?" For he comes to 'see' what he could not even imagine at the beginning.

Many years ago, I tried to impress my yoga master AND to convince him 'I' really didn't need to do hip openers (with a litany of rationalizations!). Every time, he looked at me blankly, like I was boring him, and said, "Go to the edge of your mat". It meant: 'do your living practice at the edge you are seeking to avoid'. When, finally, I gave up and immersed, the FIRST DEEP layers of buried grief, and yukky blackness and shame BEGAN to emerge, as if they had been buried in my bones like an underground toxic waste dump!

Each will continually meet the 'edge of our resistance'; each of us will have the same (boring) temptations to finds ways to 'bounce off', and avoid 'going to the edge of our mats'. But evolution wins in the end: "This journey is inevitable. The only freedom you seem to have is that you can DELAY it, but you are NOT free to NOT make it." (Jeshua)

I have found nowhere else the depth, width, and heights that are in the PathWay He gives us, to be unfolded IN us, to the degree we immerse in it. This is not to say aspects don't exist elsewhere: of course they do, IF the 'elsewheres' have any degree of genuine spirituality in them. After lifetimes of exploring, avoiding, etc. it was time to 'come Home to Christ Mind': and finally submit in utter sustained studentship under Him, 'unpacking' the infinitely hidden depths of the Pathway even as He has guided its manifestation in space and time. And that has made all the difference.

My desire in urging you to watch the Iceman is to simply 'nudge' you to look more deeply at yourself, and possibly to immerse far more in living practice regardless of whether the PathWay of Christ Mind is 'home' or even if it seems not to be, to trust that you may be called to take up yoga, or sufi dancing, or Oneness meditation, or ecstatic dance, or explore the efficacy of anything from psychotropics to polyamory! One thing I do know, to the degree you are grounded in the core teachings/axioms, and living practices of the PathWay, the LESS you will be simply again defeated by the usurpation of things by Ego.

In the end, the only question is: "What, truly, is my living relationship with the One that has birthed my pure existence?" Am I still, 'thinking for myself'? Do I even truly grok the axioms and most basic understandings Jeshua has placed with such love, before me? Or am I still 'conveniently choosing', AS IF my "I" yet believes IT is the supreme Judge and King of my domain?

The Iceman is a living human being I would love to meet one day, just to shake his hand and touch his heart, in humble gratitude: he has suffered, he has been moved into living practice, and he has been radically changed in the seat of his living soul. And, just as Jeshua describes as a very real stage of the Journey, he is moved to 'give what he has been given'. This is, itself, a 'higher sphere unfolding' that is part of a genuine spirituality: for "by their fruits ye will know them". Fruit emerges FROM studentship, NOT from keeping safe distance from the fire that transforms by debating, or even picking and choosing Ideas to replace old ideas, or a new belief we hope is 'better'.

"Dive into this Fire. Become the Living Word."
~ from my book Recline in My Soul.

Happy viewing! Would love to invite you to share your experience with it here in the comments box! And as always, regardless of where you are in your own amazing journey in the 'fields of Light's potentials' (misery, ego, and even unconsciousness are ALSO potentials in Light).... BLESSINGS UPON YOU! You are so loved, for it is Love that allows us the freedom to NOT grow, to not heal, to not be transfigured! As Jeshua points out to us in Way of the Servant: "the father moves not to disturb the dream of the Son". Our 'growth' comes from an inner choice, and not before. This is how deeply we are perfectly loved.


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You are so eloquent, I here it, but I feel a deep river ahead of me to forge, slow and easy.

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