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Jayem's Blog

Choosing Peace

In A Course In Miracles, Jeshua gives us a simple, but profound and far-reaching insight into Truth: I can choose peace instead of this.

In this blog Jayem shares some insights into this profound truth. Kick back, relax and enjoy!


The Iceman

  This is a sharing on Living Practice, inspired by a video called: "Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman". Watch to discover! "You will see, feeling is understanding"~ The Iceman Our potential is infinite IF we are willing to submit to 'genuine studentship'. This is VERY different than reading…



  Not one star moves 'cross the sky, nor lover consent to beloved Should faith be absent. From mystery your longing for God has arisen not by you, but in you, and for you. and the magnet that brings you ever closer to That One is the great enigma of Faith.

Heavy Laden

  We open the branches of the soul heavenwarddesiring to acquire the sweet fruitsof the Beloved. Yet,when the blossoming comesour branches - heavy laden -bend down to this ordinary world. Everyone who awakens makes this gesturebefore leaving this world for the final time. As the tree that soared skyward to…



  Such a sad state of affairs! It appears I won't leave much of adiscernible trace of myselfwhen I leave this world. No skyscrapers with my name etched above the entrance,nor tomb to stand out amidst the headstonesin yet another by-the-freeway cemetery(throw my ashes in a garbage bin somewhere, anywhere). …


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