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The Aramaic Jesus

Like the Lords Prayer, the Beatitudes are NOT mere platitudes or statements of belief. During his intense immersion in their study with Jeshua, Jayem suddenly realized the following:

  • The Beatitudes are a step by step process of transformation which aligns perfectly with the leading advances of developmental psychology and mind-body therapies!
  • The Beatitudes succinctly outline the universal stages every soul must evolve through.

What the Beatitudes reveal, when contemplated in their original Aramaic, is nothing less than an extraordinary and effective pathway of transformation Jeshua actually taught His principle students. Astounding in its depth, it took Jayem twenty years of delving into developmental psychology, mind-body therapies, meditation, and more just to reach a point of being able to really see what the Beatitudes encompass: the actual, living Yoga of ChristMind.

Already, people immersing in them have been amazed at the depth of growth experienced as they are taken, step by step, into what the Beatitudes reveal as an actual, transformative practice. Thus, the Aramaic Beatitudes offer a revolutionary, revelatory pathway anyone can enter into (while offering a specific methodology anyone can learn and share with others) to help free the heart, mind and soul of its suffering.

The following is a beatitude by beatitude comparison with the standard English biblical version, with commentary by a catholic priest.

Beatitude One (Matthew 5:3):

Blessed are the poor: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Catholic Priest: This is the necessary first step, Austerity: a measure of personal and especially spiritual discipline in appearance, manner, and attitude. A conscious effort toward a modest and unassuming lifestyle.

Beatitude One (Aramaic):

Tubwayhun l’meskenaee baruch dilhounie malkutha d’ashmaya

(TOO-bway-hoon leh-mes-KEN’-ahee bah-ROOCH del-HO-nay mal-KOO’-tah dahsh-MAH-ya)

A new translation: Now is the ripe time to be restored, and aligned are those who re-establish their Home through their breathing in the luminous field of living energy suffusing creation. The fertile soil of the Queendom will birth their clear guidance.

Beatitude Two (Matthew 5:4):

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Catholic Priest: This is the second step, Penitence, which implies a humble realization and a sincere regret for one’s misdeeds. A mourning regarding past sins and the human condition. The action or process of repenting especially for moral shortcomings.

Beatitude Two (Aramaic):

Tubwayhun lawile d’hinnon netbayun

(TOO – vway- hoon LAH- wee-lay dih – hin – KNOWN  NET buy- YOON)

A new translation: Safe are those who accept fully their confusion, doubt, or sense of being troubled and restless within. For as they rest in their breathing, Love itself will come to knit their fragmented selves into a greater wholeness, returning them from their wandering, and carry them into their true fulfillment.

Beatitude Three (Matthew 5:5):

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Catholic Priest: This is the third step, Meekness: to endure with patience and without anger or resentment. The release of ego and pride indicate the awakening of a divine Spirit.

Beatitude Three (Aramaic):

Tubwayhun l’makikhe d’hinnon nertun arha

(TOO- bway- hoon leh-MAHK – ee- kay DIH –hih – KNOWN nare-TOON are- HAH)

A new translation:Then shall come the ripeness that emerges from the inner softening Of what has been hardened within, for released shall be the judgment or sense of guilt that accompanies what is resisted within. Immediately, a sudden sense of renewed direction, a fresh enthusiasm, and the return of a confident strength shall flow through them.

Beatitude Four (Matthew 5:6):

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Catholic Priest: This is the fourth step, the continual quest for spiritual wisdom and understanding. The pursuit of acting in accordance with divine or moral law. Following a spiritual path signifies growth.

Beatitude Four (Aramaic):

Tubwayhun layleyn d’kaphneen watsheyn l’khenuta d’hinnon nisbhun

(TOO- bway- hoon  LAH – lane deh-KOFF-neen WAAT-zane  leh – Kenn-OO-tah DIH – hih-known  niss-BOON.)

A new translation:As you honestly rest in loving embrace and allowance of your deep and hidden longings, opening truthfully to the real desires of the soul, continuing to be moved by the breath of living Spirit, you shall find yourself touched, uplifted, and moved by a true and real Power that seems to move you from within, yet also moves you and supports you from all around you.

Beatitude Five (Matthew 5:7):

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

Catholic Priest: This is the fifth step, Compassion for all living things, an attribute which indicates advanced spiritual awareness.

Beatitude Five (Aramaic):

Tubwayhun lamrachmane dalayhun nehwun rahme

(TOO – bvway –hoon, lahm- RACH-mah-nay dah –LAYH – hoon  NEH- woon RACH – may.)

A new translation: Now! Restored in Union with this radiant Love, from the depth of their own being shall begin to extend that same Love, the grace that blesses the world through their very creations.

Beatitude Six (Matthew 5:8):

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Catholic Priest: This is the sixth step, Purity of Heart, which marks the quality or state of pure being.

Beatitude Six (Aramaic):

Tubwayhun layleyn dadkeyn b’lebhon d’hinnon nehzun l’alaha

(TOO-bvway-hoon  LAH-lane DAHD-kane bleh-BONE  DIH- hih –known Net-ZOON  LAH-lah-ha!)

A new translation: To those who have consistently opened and rested in the True Heart no longer burdened by what was rigid and hard, that Heart through which the Mystery of Spirit [shem] would radiate its Presence into you and through you, I say to you: God now reveals Itself directly in the very depth of your being.

Beatitude Seven (Matthew 5:9):

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Catholic Priest: This is the seventh step, Peacemaking, a Christ-like influence, calming the storms of life.

Beatitude Seven (Aramaic):

Tubwayhun lahwvday shlama dawnawhie d’alaha nitqarun

(TOO-bway-hoon LUV-dye shla-MAH dawn-neh-HAY D’AH-lah-hah KNIT-kah-ROON)

A new translation: Then, see! As the seeds of rebirth begin to reveal themselves in you, so, too, do you nurture them by returning ceaselessly to your original wholeness,
and become moved to plant the power of your Origins in God’s Peace with each new step and action; you shall become as channels for God’s new creations!

Beatitude Eight (Matthew 5:10):

Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Catholic Priest: This is the eighth and final step (** See note below), attainment of the summit, standing beside the prophets, saints, and martyrs.

Beatitude Eight (Aramaic):

Tubwayhun layleyn detrdep khenuta dilhonay malkutha dashmaya

(TOO-bway-hoon LAH-lane det-TRRREP meh-TALL  ken – OOH tah dil-HONE-nay mal-KOO-thah dash-MAH-ya)

A new translation: Yet do I tell you now:  there comes the blessing of being forced further out of all that is familiar to you and comforting, that you may touch even more deeply the true Home of Divine Mystery. For those who judge you, and whisper together behind your back, and even conspire against you, but serve your ultimate re-birth in your Universal Home of the Kosmos.

** NOTE: Beatitude Eight, and continuing on with Nine and Ten, are part of one critical teaching and reveal actual practice of deepening presence and flow of breath/spirit in contexts that normally defeat us. Thus, let us continue here:

Beatitude Nine (Matthew 5:11):

Blessed are ye, when men revile you , and persecute you , and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Catholic Priest: Combined with Beatitude Eight

Beatitude Nine (Aramaic):

Tubwayun immath damhasdeen l’khon wradpin, l’khon wamrin, elaykon kul milla bisha metholath b’dagalutha

(TOO-bvway-hoon Eye-MAATH dahm-HAAS-deen leh-KOHN wah-rahd-PEEN Leh-KOHN wahm-REEN el-LAY-khon kool MEE-lah BEE-shah Met-oh-LAATH  beh-dahg-aah – LOO-tah!)

A new translation: Yes! You are blessed, for revealed is the ripeness you have grown to when the gossip behind your backs becomes more vicious as others conspire against you, and judge and attack you with their false words, separating from you, seeking to dislocate you from the favor of others; or seek truly to quash your vision and direction by projecting upon you the sticky film and heavy weight aimed at shaming you and robbing you of your very life force.

Beatitude Ten (Matthew 5:12):

Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in heaven, for so too did they persecute the prophets who were before you.

Catholic Priest: Combined with Beatitude Eight (Note from Jayem: And where would heaven be in the much later development of Western metaphysics? Not HERE and not NOW, for heaven is a place to go to after one endures and attains the eighth step [see earlier!])

Beatitude Ten (Aramaic):

Hadeyn hdaw w’ratsw dagurkun s’gee b’ashmaya Hakana geyr r’depw l’nabiya dumehn k’damikun

(Hah- DANE khah-DAAH wha-raht-ZWAH dawg-are-KOON seh-GEE bahsh-MAH-ya, hah-kahnna GEER rahd-pah leh-nah-BEE-ya duh-MEN kuh-dahm-eye-KOON)

A new translation: Expand from your core, increasing your radiant aliveness, notice the boundary or edge and push beyond it, dissolving even more the subtle edges of ego’s fearful contraction.

All that can happen is that your new Home in the universal birthing power of shem increases; it happened also to all who were devoted to unfolding the true Way of the living soul.


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Like the Lords Prayer, the Beatitudes are NOT mere platitudes or statements of belief. During his intense immersion in their study with Jeshua, Jayem suddenly realized the following: The Beatitudes…