Events with Jayem

Moving beyond Idea and Concept
into Living Practice

Nov 11- 14, 2021

The Netherlands

The Way of Mastery began in 1987, when Jeshua (Jesus) appeared in a field of bright light in the living room of Jayem. This began a rich, vast, and deep gift of teachings entitled The Way of Mastery. The library of original recordings of Jeshua, where He quite literally removed Jayem from the body and entered it to teach, are astonishing, healing, liberating. The Way of Mastery Pathway under His guidance has evolved to fulfil His promise to ‘create a pathway never seen in the world, one that can support anyone from the first inkling to waken all the way into Christed Being.’ The best known part of the Pathway are the ‘Way of’ Teachings: Way of the Heart, Way of Transformation, and Way of Knowing.’

But both before, and beyond these are both teachings and Living Practices that profoundly deepen the alchemy required as we move from mind to Living Heart. And, shockingly so, we find that His original teachings as given in Aramaic are vastly deeper, and often ‘lost in translation’ in what arose as Christianity! 

Join us for a genuine immersion ‘beyond Concept and Idea’ with Jayem:

  • Holy Breath: discover buried and lost in the Lord’s Prayer the actual basis of healing into Original Wholeness (and why no amount of Idea can ever fulfil it!).

  • Original Prayer: Shalu’(prayer) means ‘whole being attunement’: with fun and childlike innocence, dive into the power of sound, light, and movement in the field of Holy Breath just as Jeshua actually taught it to His students.

  • Birthing of heaven on earth: the profound (and often badly distorted) Vision of the Christ Path, beyond dogma and limiting metaphysics.

  • Radical Inquirythe astonishing art of ‘turning mind back upon itself’ to truly see into and through the very filters of Ego to rest in Light Itself.

  • Real ForgivenessWhat is it truly to be ‘returned to Original Wholeness’, the definition of forgiveness given in A Course in Miracles, Way of Mastery AND His original Aramaic language! A coincidence? Or… a call to profound mystical transformation.

There is such power when a group of souls comes together in one shared purpose to explore, discover, learn, absorb, and – together – become more of the Light that heals all things! And just this is what Way of Mastery immersions truly are all about! 

Take a deep breath, relax, and ask within, and listen for the guidance of Love Itself. If called, we look forward to being with you soon!  

Registration details: 

For more information, or any questions please contact: Ernestine Martens at:

Fees:  €795 for a shared room and €895 for a single room (limited single rooms available).

Arrival: Thursday, November 11th, in the afternoon.

Departure: Sunday, November 14th, in the afternoon.

Includes: Lodging (3 nights), all meals (dinner on 11th through to lunch on14th) and tuition.

Venue: t Zonnehuis, Beekbergerweg 25, 7371 EV Loenen (a lovely retreat centre located in the largest national park in the Netherlands).