Events with Jayem

An Online Immersion Gathering

Sunday 24th February - Sunday 31st March, 2019
(6 weeks)

Aloha everyone!

Well over 70 folks from around the world have expressed interest in our Radical Inquiry Course! So, “Now, we begin!”

Its impossible to accommodate optimal times globally, but REMEMBER, while its optimal to attend live sessions, they will be recorded, and you will be provided a link to download and immerse in each session at a time that works best for you PLUS, have the course to refer to and keep learning from as much as you want!

Additionally, because breath is so integral to genuine healing and waking (and massively critical in undoing the hidden roots of ego) I am including for you a link to a FREE download of our LovesBreath guided CD!

A few things about Radical Inquiry for now:

First, during the ‘channeling phase’ with Jeshua, I often did as many as 20 sessions a week with Him connecting with the person by phone or in person. MY experience was that I was ‘watching’ and He would use this time to instruct me, even as He was engaging the person directly!  He would often ‘show’ the person to me prior, reveal where the ‘fundamental root’ was that He would be ‘directing them toward for healing’. And that is where the session would go for them. While He ‘talked with’ them, I began to see that He skilfully used what I came to call ‘Wonder Questions’, and encouraged folks to ‘truly allow yourself to be with’ emotion, discomfort, or honest realizations, and that these occurred progressively on the way to His goal for them!  I now call these ‘cookie crumbs through the forest’. In short, He did NOT ‘talk concepts’ nor 'remain the logical intellect'!

Of course, He was doing the same with me. Here is an example:

After much time ‘complaining’ about what someone had ‘done to me’, and ‘trying to figure out the best course of action’, He invited me to ‘apply what I am teaching you regarding the use of breath’  and to ‘pause and truly embrace what you are really feeling.’ When I did so, He said, ‘Can you see that you are actually in Fear, and that your furtive search for solutions is but the attempt to gain control of what you perceive an unfair situation?’ As I (reluctantly) agreed, He said:  ‘My brother, what WOULD you control save that which you already distrust?’ My mind was stunned to silence! I’m a control freak!!!! And that is the power of a well timed Wonder Question!

When linked to a developing ability to breathe, to feel fully, and to remain curious and willing, the unconscious defenses are penetrated with our own direct wisdom!  This Wisdom IS the ‘Christ Mind’ or ‘Holy Spirit’, and NOT merely a ‘metaphysical explanation’ or attempt to persuade us to ‘take on a new belief’.

And THAT is what Radical Inquiry serves: we learn to see directly into the very ‘tap roots’ of the ego’s thought system as it is actually operating in us via what we have rendered unconscious! All without a trace of judgment. Rather, we cultivate a return to innocence, a joy of discovery that leads to genuine and fundamental healing in the field of our own precious being!

This is how I began to learn R.I., as His student. Later, I would discover a ton of corroboration for His astute methodology in the fields of modern mind-body healing work and the cutting edge of psychology as well, working with teachers He would direct me to.

Students of Way of Mastery will be familiar with a key axiom He tells us is essential to wake up: we must interrupt projection. R.I. IS the most powerful whole being experience of this critical ‘wisdom skill’, for without doing so, real discovery, insight, and fundamental change ‘from Soul to cell’ is very, very rare!

Our Course will expose you to more than a set of transformative skills: it will astonish you to discover they are rooted in His own Aramaic Teachings as found in especially the Beatitudes. It truly is a step beyond metaphysical studies, adopting new ‘ideas’ and ‘trying’ to use the mind to live them: it transforms mind itself!

What the Course will include:

  • 6 weekly live webcasts with me (Beginning on Sunday 24th February with the final session on Sunday 31st March, 2019). Each week I will work with someone in the group as you learn to observe, learn, and join with them as Friends of the Heart, discovering how we can generate a ‘unified field’ of Presence and Light in which miracles can occur. This will be just a portion of our session. Each webcast is recorded (audio and video) and a link will be sent for you to download and save in your own personal library.

  •  Weekly ‘summary notes’, together with insights and practice suggestions you can integrate into your daily life and relationships gleaned from our group webcast.

  • Radical Inquiry ‘templates’.
    Jeshua tells us teaching is both art and science. There are universal steps, stages, and essential ‘cookie crumbs’ that make R.I. so profoundly effective AND immediately practical in ‘real’ life!!!

  • Each webcast will include a Q&A section, and you will be able to send questions to me; I will do my best to answer all of them, and will use and share some of them where useful for all.

  • Opportunities to connect with new or old Friends of the Heart to practice with each other, priceless!

  • A link to download my LovesBreath CD: guided instruction precisely as He taught me: He calls the breath the ‘bridge to the Mind of God’, and its practice profoundly deepens the healing/enlightenment process.

  • A group Facebook page for connecting, sharing, and growing together as we move along.

  • Those who complete the Course will be invited to join me at a later date for something…rather profound: a chance to deepen your journey with a solid foundation in place as we immerse in the unpublished Lessons of the New Letters of Jeshua. Truly astounding practices and details/information from Him about the Lineage, the goal of the Pathway, His own life, and so much more.

Many of you asked what a ‘suggested donation’ might be for a course like this. First, normally, I would probably ask for a fee of $300 USD for such an in depth 6 week Course. But this is truly offered on a donation basis. I encourage you to turn within and trust your own precious heart and whatever that exchange amount is from you is gladly and humbly received by us, no matter what it is! Just start with Self Love…relax, and you will know. No one is going to be turned away if they truly want to participate!

 Again, its impossible to offer the Course at an optimal time for all. Even me! I have scheduled our live sessions at a time that will be best for the time zones many of you abide in, from roughly the east coast USA throughout Europe. A tad late for Australia, sorry! But overall, it’s the best I can do.

I am currently residing in Bali, Indonesia (Central Indonesia Time). Therefore the time/day of our gathering will vary based on your location. Here is a short list of the time based on some locations:
1. Bali, Indonesia @ 8:30pm Sunday
2. Warsaw, Poland @ 1:30pm Sunday
3. London, UK @ 12:30pm Sunday
4. Boston, USA @ 7:30am Sunday
5. Sydney, Australia @ 11:30pm Sunday

This will give you a quick idea of your own start times for our Course.

I am looking forward to joining you in our ‘virtual temple’ joined together in one shared Purpose: the healing and enlightenment of humanity, the coming of heaven to earth.

Blessings to you,


Simply click on the link below link, complete your donation amount using either paypal or credit card (it is not necessary to open a paypal account):

While completing your donation, please ensure to include in the notes section:
1. The wording "Radical Inquiry Immersion"
2. Your full name & your location on the planet - State & Country.

Within 48 hours of making your donation you will receive an email and complete further information - including steps to join webcasts and download LovesBreath.

If you do not receive this email, or have any additional questions, please contact

We look forward to joining with you in this exciting immersion – the first ever done over the Internet – in the precious art and science of Radical Inquiry!