Events with Jayem

Miracle, Scribes, and Mystics Presenting On:

The Transformative Power of Limitless Love and True Forgiveness 

Oct 11-14, 2019


Art of Living Retreat Center in

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Boone, NC

 Based on: A Course in Miracle,
A Course of 
Love, Way of Mastery and Big Love!


For information and registration:

In Jayem’s conference presentation and his post conference workshop you will learn to:

  • Heal the fundamental wounds of Incarnation.

  • Heal the dynamics of the ego-mind.

  • Master the Breath and self-observation.

  • Master Forgiveness.

  • How to unfold Love by serving the Whole.

  • To realize the fullness of the Christ

“For the past 25 years, my brother has taken me deeply into the depths of “illusion”itself, and beyond them, and meticulously shown me how to integrate heaven and earth. It is my honor, my privilege, and my devotion in ceaseless gratitude for the Grace that heals all things – the proof that GOD IS LOVE – to abide with anyone and everyone as happy learners, dissolving the most subtle obstacles to the presence of Love, SO that Love may operate THROUGH us even more than it is already”. Jayem

This Great Love!
It calls us to gather together,
Moved by but one desire, one goal, one truth
to demonstrate, to celebrate, to trust
that only Love is real, and love is Light made visible,
destroying all illusions born of an ancient habit of useless fear.
‘Yes’! is our only answer,
And even now Friends old and new and not yet known
Prepare to answer the Call…imagine!
This Great Love!