Events with Jayem

A Way of Mastery Event with Jayem

January 9-14, 2022

Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront

The Way of Mastery is the profound Pathway emerging from Jayem’s communion with Jeshua for over three decades. Sublime, wise, experiential, this pathway generates astounding transformation and the grace of miracles as one truly begins to move from ‘mind to feeling communion’ and comes to rest in the field of Love, Itself.

Come one, come all! If you have been studying the audio recordings or perhaps only know The Way of Mastery as ‘that blue book,’ it is so much more. The best known aspect of The Pathway is the ‘Christ Mind Trilogy’—The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation, and The Way of Knowing.

Yet, as profound as these texts are, they are but invitations to plumb the depths of their axioms, principals, and suggested practices experientially and alongside Friends of the Heart.

Come and dive into The Living Practices and discover far more – directly – about the mysterious ‘Heart’ The Way of Mastery emphasizes, what real forgiveness actually is and entails, and just how much fun surrendering into the mystical alchemy of The Way can truly be!

In our immersion we will :

  • Open into the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer as the ground for exploring the keys to the Way of the Heart.

  • Learn and deepen (dramatically) the healing power of Holy Breath via LovesBreath.

  • Discover the sublime art of Radical Inquiry—what a ‘little willingness,’ married to the flow of breath with a dash of wonder and curiosity, can actually bring to pass!

  • Immerse in real Prayer: movement, sound, and breath known in Aramaic as ‘Shalu’ and why it far transcends what ‘prayer’ is usually considered to be in our world.

  • Sing, laugh, dance, and play as we embrace the truly essential quality of ‘child-likeness’

  • Experience and learn to incorporate the essence of ‘Shabbat’ much as Jeshua guided His followers in how to deepen the purpose of this ancient practice.

  • See why our current Time is the most significant ‘Choice Point’ for humanity and some of what Jeshua has shared about it.

What will change?

You will open new places and spaces within, connect with new (and old) Friends of the Heart, and go home with very real, practical ‘tools’ and ways to deepen your own journey. The world itself will begin to look wholly different than the one you left, and your role within it will take on a whole new meaning!


Tuition & lodging for 5 nights including meals (dinner Jan 9th through lunch Jan 14th)

Plan to arrive around 4pm on Jan 9th

Airport: Norfolk International Airport

Payment in full by 30th December, 2021

Single Occupancy:  $1,750 USD

Double Occupancy:  $1,525 USD

To request registration materials, please email or call (310) 600-7465