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The Beatitudes

A live, online eight week Course

Beginning Sunday, Dec 22, 10:30am 
(Mountain Time, USA)

Perhaps the most brilliant – and brilliantly succinct – of spiritual teachings, The Beatitudes have truly been ‘lost in translation.’ They are also the transformational soul of the Christ Path and the ‘spine’ of the entire pathway of the Way of Mastery.

A Brief History:

Just as Jeshua – in 1988 – answered a question from me concerning the Lord’s Prayer by saying it IN Aramaic inundating me in waves of powerful light and vibration, in the ‘ripe timing’, He began to draw my attention to the biblical verses known as the Beatitudes. Again by resounding their vibration in Aramaic, encouraging me to open to them ‘as in an ancient past’.

Slowly, gradually, even as He was unfolding the role of breath, feeling, and the need to turn the mind upon itself in honest inquiry, I began to ‘connect the dots’, to see something truly astounding: 

The Beatitudes succinctly contained already the elements of LovesBreath and Radical Inquiry, and fit perfectly with the Keys to the Kingdom as found in Way of Mastery And…something more! They revealed a universal, eternal ‘template’ of the soul’s journey itself!

Now, after some twenty plus years of both my own journey with Him through the Beatitudes and all the deep work with so many in workshops, retreats, and pilgrimages, I invite you to join me as – together – we immerse in this astounding Teaching just as He gave them to those students ready for them. He did NOT speak them – as recorded in the Bible – as a series of statements while discoursing with a crowd of listeners. Rather, each line was both a universal teaching AND a practice taking many months – and the latter lines not being given for years! 

The Beatitudes:

  • Give essential steps in the alchemy of healing into Christed Mind.
  •  Reveal both practices and stages each soul passes through.
  • Serve to truly align heart, soul, mind, and embodied purpose, challenging common religion as well as contemporary distortions concerning His teachings, and their essential purpose.

How was this essential Teaching (really, the Beatitudes are one whole, more like steps or linking circles, each dependent on the one before it) lost in translation?

What are its key practices and how can an understanding of them only emerge through immersion IN the practice of them?

Each week we will immerse in just one line, ‘unpacking’ its depth, bringing to light the original Aramaic, and discovering how and why the precious tools of the PathWay – and the essential teachings of Christ Mind wherever they are found – are fully and masterfully ‘embedded’ in the Beatitudes.

You will receive, following each webcast, Summary Notes and Practice Suggestions. Also, you will receive audio and video links so that you can learn the Beatitudes exactly as they were given to me by Him, conveying the vibration they are meant to convey beyond a mere intellectual understanding.

You will come to far better understand how extraordinary the spiritual journey truly is, and just why the Christ Past offers the most complete ‘theology of Love’ and how and why the soul’s awakening and evolution pass through very real, universal and archetypal stages.

Most of all, your own depth, devotion, and ‘discipline’ will take a quantum leap enhancing your precious and unique journey!

While this Course will be an in depth immersion, the exchange is, again, strictly by donation. Many ask me: “What would be reasonable?” As before, I would share that I would normally ask a fee of $350 USD for the Course. But what matters is that you go within, and IF you are ready to dive in with me, choose what exchange feels best for you!

  • Each live webcast is recorded so you can return to it again and again.
  • Summary Notes and Practice Suggestions following each week’s Gathering.
  • Links to recordings of both video and audio so that you can learn the Aramaic, opening to the enriching vibration they provide.

: Even if the “live time” for the webcasts doesn’t work for you, you will be able to download and dive in at a time that does best suit you!

Personally, I am feeling a strong pull to immerse in the Beatitudes deeply over these next few months; our Course will serve as the basis for an upcoming book to be completed in 2020!  I’m looking forward as we join together in one shared Purpose and with Him in this illuminating, transformational journey into the Aramaic Beatitudes, so essential to His original Teachings, and to the alchemy of unfolding in Christ.


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We look forward to immersing with you as we explore the Aramaic Beatitudes!