Events with Jayem

It's ALL about, LOVE.

Nov 1st - Nov 9, 2022

Donegal, Ireland

Love, sweet Love! Mystery of mysteries! Sought, desired, and..Feared!

Love IS at the very Heart of all suffering in the ‘dream of Separation.’

So… Just how do we:

  • Discover what it IS, truly?
  • How do we come to Know It, and Rest IN It?
  •  How can we come to operate FROM It, truly?

This Retreat is devoted to Love and the Living Practices that
‘open the self to the Self that IS, Love.’

  • Shalu:  Breath, movement, and sound: the art of True Prayer

  • LovesBreath:  Sustaining Surrender, breath dissolves the roots of Separation deeper than the mind CAN reach.

  • Radical Inquiry:  immersing experientially in learning the skills and the art of ‘seeing into and through’ the very ‘mind’ that veils us FROM, Love Itself.

  • Returning to Love:  mastering the practical steps in each and every moment!

  • The One Enemy:  What it is, where it dwells, and the ONLY means  beyond it.

All of the above will unfold organically, experientially as we come together bringing our willingness to explore, our courage to venture beyond comfort zones, and our constant gratitude FOR one another. And guess what???

The adventure of dissolving the Great Spell
IS the ultimate act of Self Love!

Here is all the information you need:

  • Plan to arrive around 4pm on Tuesday, 1st November, (this is check in time)

  • Our retreat begins with dinner at 6pm on Tuesday, 1st November, followed by an opening gathering.

  • Each morning we will have a pre-breakfast ‘shalu’ (prayer for the whole being!)

  • The retreat will follow an impromptu flow of morning, afternoon and some evening gatherings (including our beloved and very important Friday evening “Shabbat”).

  • Free time for exploring will be provided at noon on Saturday, 5th November, and continue until dinner Sunday, 6th November.

  • Plan your departure for the afternoon of Wednesday, 9th November. On this last day we will have a morning gathering, check out from our rooms and have one final lunch together as we close.

PLEASE NOTE: Our retreat includes all meals.
(*During Free Time, meals are available at the Friary. Meals outside the venue are your responsibility)

The investment in YOU: The prices below include all tuition for gatherings, single room (shared bathroom) and all meals.

Registration requires a minimum €500 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.

Full Price Full price €1,950

Early Bird Price  €1,715 if paid in full before 15th September.

To Register:

Send an email through to and our local liaison, Janet Deane, will provide you with all the information required to complete registration, and help you with any travel and additional lodging questions you may have (rooms at Ards Friary prior to and following our Retreat may be available.)

We look forward to welcoming you....