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JayemYour Last Decision


Your last decision is the only sane one you will ever make.
It is the decision, finally, to become the prey of G-d,
Rather than praying to G-d, attempting to persuade Her to give you the tawdry baubles
You have come to love more than Her.

Ask yourself:
Can further delay bring what delay has never brought before?

It is inevitable that you tire from all the world of your making really is:
The insane attempt to prove that you are Separate from That One, and -
Because you are so damned important -
Have a right to create what you want.

Sounds good, except for one thing.
All you really want, is God.

Go ahead. Discover what this strange phrase might possibly mean, by venturing into it:
Become the prey of God.

Did not our Brother lead by example?
"Nevertheless (yes, I see the desires of ego swirling about),
Not my will, but Thine."

Following His lead seems absolutely insane to those who do not yet trust their Creator, and are still demanding the right to be lord of their own pitiful kingdom:
The hallucinations projected from a fearful, starving mind.

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