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JayemWhat’s the Cost?


For drinking deeply from the wineskin of true Peace,
the price is the willingness for courage.

The courage to discover what it is to love without limits or conditions,
finally realizing Love IS God reaching to Her creations through you.

The courage to discover what it is to forgive without mis-givings,
and without a trace of secret hope that for-giving is really another strategy

The courage to truly leave behind every last vestige of 'certainty' that we have ever
been mis-treated.

And, finally, like a flower blossoming from a seed well-planted in soil constantly cared for,
the courage to live the life of the Soul, and no longer the dream of the Ego.

For though many beings have been birthed into the world,
few have birthed the Soul and lived the Authentic, Realized Life.
This is the 'Second Birth' Christ spoke of.

Pay the price, and stop delaying.

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