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JayemWhat is it to love?


What is it to love?
It is to serve the flowering of another's soul and never tire.

What is devotion?
To gladly learn anew and enjoy never being filled.

What is surrender?
To extend loving and serving forever learning to improve these,
Ceaselessly, and without end.

Here find the Holy Trinity:
Love, serve, surrender.

Let this be your practice.
Let this be your goal.
Let this be your life.

When your life is seamlessly this Trinity,
You will know freedom, peace, Self, and God,
For there will be nothing else.
Is this not what you really want?
To taste the Reality of nothing else but these?

Love, serve, surrender.

Become utterly dedicated to knowing the soul of this Holy Trinity,
In every gesture, in every choice, in every breath.

Then there is no self, made of something else.
There is only freedom, peace, Self, and God.
Radiant to infinity,
Profoundly and perfectly present.

Ask, now, these questions:
What or who can I love, now?
What or who can I serve, now?
What can I learn so that I love more fully, and serve more profoundly, now?

This is the sacred ground of Surrender.
You cannot arrive there, you can only begin each moment here, or be nowhere.

What are you waiting for?

Arise, and get on with it.

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