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JayemUnifying Heart and Mind


This is a sharing from Jayem, inspired by the following quote from Osho:

"Looking at a sunset, just for a second you forget your separateness: you are the sunset. That is the moment when you feel the beauty of it. But the moment you say that it is a beautiful sunset, you are no longer feeling it; you have come back to your separate, enclosed entity of the ego. Now the mind is speaking. And this is one of the mysteries, that the mind can speak, and knows nothing; and the heart knows everything, and cannot speak. Perhaps to know too much makes it difficult to speak; the mind knows so little, it is possible for it to speak." ~ Osho

Jayem's response:

Ugh... as much as I love Osho, sometimes he says things that make the soul cringe! He implies that IF you describe, you are in separation... and this is simply and fully untrue. The part of mind that perceives, experiences, and describes is NOT a problem; t'is a wondrous aspect of Creation Itself (think Alan Watts: the human being is an aperture through which the Kosmos becomes aware of Itself... YES to that!)

Indeed, we have the capacity to develop awareness, discernment, use of Intelligence... the capacity to witness, experience, describe AND convey in ways that are truly useful to others is not an 'error' nor an impingement whatsoever. There is no split between mind and heart; indeed, the journey is to join the two, WITH THE HEART LEADING the mind, so that intelligence flows from Unity; in the absence of the Heart, mind operates in and sees only separation. Heart NEEDS mind, and mind is utterly dependent on Heart. This 'corrected' union brings about enlightenment: not an escape FROM, but the embrace OF, birthing the desire of Creation Itself to heal whatever isn't expressing Wholeness: from petty ego patterns to the out-picturings of Separation in all their aspects. Yes, 'mind knows so little', but that is not its job: its job is to be the servant of the awakened 'Heart'. It will - and can - do this with increasing acumen, impact, and genuine power. After all, enlightenment does not release one FROM, but INTO the Reality of Creation: the extension of Love as all that is Good, all that is Holy, and all that is Beautiful.

The natural movement of enlightenment is INTO the 'world', not away from it: for we see it IS our own very Self, waiting to be healed from a 'tiny, mad, idea' that had huge consequences; whether we call it serving the end of suffering or the Atonement isn't very important. What we are actually DOING as a participant and conduit for Love/God/Kosmos/Creation changes as we heal and awaken, all quite naturally so. So, to Osho I say: 'this is one of the great Mysteries, that mind can come to be so united in Heart that they are a seamless Whole, and finally, that Great Love can flow in brilliance in such ways that the world is transfigured in Love, leaving not a molecule out, until all beings experience themselves as One in the extraordinary Mystery of Creation's Unity, and all things but praise the Reality of That One Who IS all things.'

Discover what keeps Heart and mind divided, by looking within for every obstacle against Wholeness ever made. Heal that into the Wholeness already at the base of your very own Being. Dissolve all fear in its roots, and then leap into the world to enfold it, sharing, caring, participating, giving what Grace has given you: freedom from Illusion.

Let us not tire until all are within our Circle, for where any are without, we, too, are not yet complete.


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