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Following is a question and answer interaction between Jayem and a student, a previous participant of the Jewels of the Christ Mind course. This question arose in response to one of the assignments:

"For the last 2 years I have already studied the "Way of" series and have done the exercises in it. It has given me a sort of basis in my life. However, with the Invitation in this course I come across an obstacle. I had a rather unhappy childhood that was imbued with Christian faith, I stem from a family of religious fanatics. The words "God" and "Jesus" arouse hatred in me, although I can accept that other people derive great strength from their faith.

I have avoided these feelings in studying the Course in Miracles and the Way of Mastery by renaming certain words, so "Christ Mind" I translate into "higher Self" or something like that. Now in the Invitation things get personal. And I don't mind that either, but I truly don't see myself worshipping Jesus. The idea that evokes the most feeling in me is the idea of "mould of man" from the books of Carlos Castaneda. The Mould is the human prototype, the perfect plan from which we are all casts.

So, how about if I imagine he is the Mould of Man, the perfect idea or plan for a human being that is calling out to me, that asks for my love and help, that reaches out to me? I see I can easily relate to that."

Jayem's response:


There is SO MUCH in this letter - for ALL of us - that I have meditated with it, and offer my reply in the hope it will be helpful... what is revealed here is very significant as we come to deepen what true healing really is, and requires. And, also, how mind generates 'obstacles' that prevent healing from occurring.

First, thank you for your transparency, vulnerability, and honesty. These three qualities are ABSOLUTE AND NECESSARY conditions to cultivate in the 'soil of the soul', without which healing and awakening cannot occur. So, step one, give yourself a big hug and breathe deeply for at least one minute, just appreciating yourself!!! (hint: Jeshua teaches us that "Self-love is the doorway to wisdom divine"... but how often do we stop to fully love and appreciate our very own journey????)

Jeshua tells us to TRUST OUR FEELINGS, and in the Way of the Heart, tells us this Pathway cultivates a new capacity to 'feel' and thus discern what energies we want no longer. THIS IS A VERY, VERY REAL EVOLUTION THIS PRESENT COURSE IS DESIGNED TO CULTIVATE MORE DEEPLY. Take a breath or several, and say out loud... 'this obstacle is coming up for healing now. Thank God! It will hinder me no longer!' Take a breath, observe what you feel, and repeat, until you notice the nervous system feels 'complete', as it settles in as truth.

The Invitation in this course works vibrationally and begins the alchemical process (deeper than the thinking mind), flushing up what you have accurately defined as an 'obstacle'. And healing is a release from the trapped energy that "holds" us away from the Self/Christ Mind.

Faith is an openness, a willingness. It is the "bird that sings while dawn is yet night." People don't derive real strength from beliefs, they derive delusion, rigidity, and loss of real Communion. Christianity is essentially a wide collection of orientation TO Jesus, but - due to mistranslation and misappropriation - has little to do with what he actually lived and taught. This course is far more in alignment with it, and this becomes acutely clear as we delve into the Aramaic Lord's Prayer and Beatitudes. What matters here, is, turn a lemon into lemonade, since WE ARE NEVER VICTIMS OF OUR FAMILIES. (see Way of the Heart - nonvictimhood is a key principal.) SO, accept you as soul had exactly the family and childhood a deeper part of you wanted (as Rumi says, the mind has reasons, but the soul is here for its own deeper purposes!) So, what did you learn from it all that would have been very difficult to learn in any other way??? Can you come to see how integral a part it has played in your own unfolding journey? Just breathe, ask the questions, and see what arises.

This pathway is the deepest anyone can take, and is necessary, for it uncovers and carries us through exactly the subtle blockages mind has avoided! The only way out is in, and through. Translation is not the same as transformation. I would suggest to drop that strategy! Stay with the terms exactly as they are given, and ALLOW these stuck places to emerge, breathe, and feel. This alone will carry you into new illuminations about what these terms signify. In short, Jeshua is a masterful teacher, and NOTHING he says, or terms chosen, is ever by accident. Trust the teacher to carry the student into and through what the student has not found his or her way through as yet.

There is nothing in the Invitation about 'worshipping' Jesus/Jeshua. This thought is part of the contraction against your childhood. Again, the way out, is in and through. It IS about opening to a level of consciousness attained by Him, allowing a sort of 'resonant harmony' to occur. In this resonance, our fear and false sense of self are 'unravelled' in ways we cannot at first hope to understand..... but it does become clear later on in our own journey. If you have read the Jeshua Letters, you will find my own reaction to His presence vociferously echoing your reaction! Suggestion: trust the terms, and trust the course, and trust above all, the Giver of the Course..... GOD, which I define as Gushing Ongoing Divinity!

"The 'mould of man' the perfect plan from which we are all casts" ~ THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT JESHUA INCARNATED, THUS IMPACTING THE MATRIX OF HUMANITY. He was the culmination of a plan some 5000 years in the making, and known in Persia, Egypt, and elsewhere, and thus he was recognized by wise men and others associated with various wisdom traditions. You will recall from ACIM that He accomplished the Atonement, and thus it is done for us already.... now it's just our willingness to accept or melt away into the truth He manifested. I call Him the Cosmic Weaver, but 'mould' will do!!!

So, good job!!! Let's hope everyone taking this course takes every line as sincerely, and engages it fully, and shares their journey. It is the sharing that quickens the way....



The Jewels of the Christ Mind is a 12 month online course immersing in living practices for to embody the awareness and presence of Christ. Find out more here

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