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JayemTo see as God


Following is an exchange inspired by a teaching from A Course in Miracles (ACIM):

"ACIM says the following: 'God is in everything I see because God is in my mind'... what's it getting at, really?"

Jayem's response:

My longing for God is actually God's longing to 'descend' or 'appear' or 'makes It's home' in me, as me, through me, and for all beings... As this Divine Penetration occurs (we call it enLIGHTenment, the astounding Miracle of Miracles occurs: creation (this very 'I') finally sees what has been in the Main Room all the time: God, in everything seen, from gross to subtle. The light has come on and obscuration has ended (no more stumbling in the middle of the night through a strange room stubbing toes against shadowy furniture). The very nature of Waking is TO SEE, and this with 'new eyes'. St Paul:

"I longer I...but Christ dwells in me."

Christ means 'anointed', and in that day (and beyond) it was understood this referred to a mystical process of transfiguration in the 'seat' or essence of the Seer him/herself. This may begin more as a concept or belief we begin to accept... but leads more deeply through the fields of transformation (I believe in ACIM it is called 'purification'), and finally into transfiguration: God IS revealed in and through EVERY-THING because That One has come to reside as This one. Mind, as the very capacity, to 'see', is free of 'obstacles', the distortion of Fear that falsely colored Every-Thing.

In our Freedom, we have 'fallen' into Separation. By Grace, we 'arise', and Reality is restored to what it is in the Beginning, is now, and forever, shall be, for it is all it CAN be: there is only God. It's not that the 'universe disappears', but the domain of distortion by which I see an unreal world disappears, allowing the Real Universe to Re-Appear. Nothing is what I 'thought' it was from Distortion. The spell is vanished.

The One, IS.

In Latin, the word for God is 'deus', which actually means 'to see'. God IS the very awareness that 'sees', truly. To 'see in his freedom yours' (ACIM) is a comprehension, a whole-being comprehension far beyond a belief or concept, though they point the way, much like an invitation to a party gives you the address to go to... but when you arrive, the party is far beyond what the conceiving mind conceives as it reads the invitation... ACIM is but one form of the Invitation Grace slips under our back door. We open it... read it... now, will we drop everything, and attend the Party?

"Heaven and earth shall pass away" means only they will cease existing as separate states.

No disappearance here! Except the Distorting Lens that casts the spell of their apparent separation. The 'world' I see is replaced by the Creation God IS. The journey is over: we are Home, here, now. Time for a cafe mocha as the mystery of dawn's first light crests the eastern ridge, and every bird sings in joy announcing it, as the river swollen from midnight rains courses it's way, carving it's channel to the sea, even as grace has carved it's channel in me... so the 'Lord' has room to recline in the Soul I once mistakenly believed was 'mine', and only 'for a me' that was but a wisp of a dream.

Ain't Love Grand???? xxx

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