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JayemTo Holy Spirit or not to Holy Spirit - that is the question?


If the Holy Spirit speaks,
and no one is listening,
does the Holy Spirit even exist???!!

(No, just as god doesn't exist for anyone until they cultivate the capacity in which god begins to be discerned. Usually, the result of wanting to find a way out of suffering!!!)

First, Holy Spirit is a term that was unknown to Jeshua in his own time. The notion that HS is a part of something called the Trinity, and thus is an 'entity' of some sorts, would have been met by him with incredulity.... It's simply a doctrine that evolved hundreds of years later, and in cultures not his own.... Highly influenced by Greek rationalism. If it weren't for the political clout and ambition of Constantine, it would never have become an official dogma!!

Students of ACIM, WOM, etc are (whether they know it or not) highly influenced by the cultural dominion of Christianity, its languaging, perceptual models, etc. and it is this matrix into which TEACHING descends. ACIM makes it clear that the responsibility of any teacher is to "translate" truth effectively. IN The Jeshua Letters, He makes it clear he is using Judeo-Christian language because of what I shared above. (the wise teacher speaks the language of the student).

HS is not a distinct entity... It is the 'shem' (Aramaic), the purest emanation of the flow of intelligence/energy emanating from the Source/God. It doesn't know anything of separation, ego, or fear. It is 'higher Mind', which is why Jeshua always describes it as being "immediate certainty and clarity, and always surprising" (it surprised the lower egoic/body-mind aspect).

We 'fear trusting it' only because we are identified with lower mind. In Eastern thought, what we call ego mind is just a twist on 'manas', or the organizing intelligence of the body-mind, while "buddhi" transcends it, and gives access to illuminated clarity and direction, flowing more purely from God. It safe to say buddhi, once awakened, is what Jeshua refers to in Aramaic as the "shem", ie, Holy Spirit..the spirit that is already whole, and not fragmented by the contraction of fear/separation that is the key feature of egoic mind.

This is why the most powerful first step is to ... Take a breath, then feel relaxation dawn as we receive breath, and recognize we are breathed....a reduction of contraction of fear, that dissolves the turbulence fear causes in the brain-mind, and finally we can hear a "voice not our own"...that voice should never be taken as needing to be a literal voice inside the head (though it may manifest that way!) While this is good (we have transcended "our" voice, based in fear), it's still mediated. HS/shem/buddhi is simple KNOWING and action that flows from that. Here we begin to taste directly that it's always been truth...the need for a separate "I" has never existed, Life can be trusted and Reality directly experienced in Oneness with it.

Finally, we see the "I" is just a temporary collection of energy called body-mind that has no need or purpose in is conduit only, or in Jeshua's words, Servant. A piece of pipe doesn't have to be defended, protected, get anything, or be noticed. No wonder awakening is the death of all egoic dreaming!!!!

In short, HS is the creative expression of "Gods Will" when finally we relax from the insanity of the contracted body-mind. This is why the doctrine of the trinity first began to arise, as beings began to discriminate the subtle nuances of the mystery of how God shows up....the "Son" is the manifestation in time and embodiment when that one "hears only" and "follows" the dynamic aspect of the holy moved only by Spirit. Then, it got taken literally, became a dogma, etc.... The Trinity CAN be an illuminating contemplation on the extraordinary ineffable mystery we call God, or Reality.

And, certainly, healing is an overcoming of the "fractured fairy tale" in which the body-mind/soul loses contact with its deeper ground of Being. FROM that place, describing ego until one is sick of it (ala ACIM) and re-training the lost mind in the direction of suspending ones reliance on one’s own [insane] mind and hearing another level of intelligence, is extremely useful! Training wheels are needed until they are needed no longer. But no one goes beyond the need of them until they submit to their need of them, first.

Philosophically, Zen begins by adopting a position of not speaking too much of what is difficult to speak well of and recognizes the real need is to enter direct experience. In short, one methodology to assist waking is to starve the source of the problem: the mind itself!!! Another is to "feed" it, but with higher order propositions, analysis, concept. Both aim as a goal of reducing fear and its contraction so reality can be "entered". And both work, if the student sufficiently lets them work in a sustained way over enough time.

All teaching is more art than science. All truth more immediate and mystical rather than coherent propositions. But just this IS THE WHOLE POINT. As long as you are fused to lower mind, you will hope for salvation in the Ideas mind can generate. And there are some very higher order Ideas!!! But there is a doorway to pass through, that of mysticism, into a realm of being beyond what mind can know. This dichotomy has existed in all religions, all spiritual systems, simply because it reflects a stage of evolution inherent in all human beings. As a whole, not enough of mankind has evolved past the lower mind, and (relatively speaking) far fewer operate from beyond normal mind!!!!

All the more reason to reach it, love it, and be lived from it..... for anyone who enters this Realm it is clear: HERE alone is the end of duality, and all its egoic suffering, the end of Identity as a separate self, the end of the fearful grip on the bodies survival.... and the only way to know what is beyond mind is to make the journey in ones own case.

Row, row, row your boat.....
into more of God,
and arise from the sorrowful ashes of what
is finally seen as mere illusion,
a bad dream,
a limitation freely imposed.....


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