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JayemThere is Only God


A sharing from Jayem, inspired by the following quote from Sri Ramana Maharshi:

"The Vedantins do not say that the world is not real. This is a misunderstanding. They say "All this is Brahman". The meaning is that the world is unreal as the world but real as SELF. Nothing can be apart from the SELF." ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Jayem's response:

Yes, this IS a primary distortion that happens, not only in the East but in its translation to the West; we also find the same error rampant in western forms of 'Idealism', which is really a perspective in which ACIM fits in SOME of its metaphysics. Why 'some'? Because there are more 'levels' to its metaphysics than the most popular one, that holds 'the world is illusion' [therefore nothing is 'really' here]. "World', both in ACIM/Western Idealisms and in the East really refers to the DISTORTION caused by Ego (East: ahamkara, or 'I-maker'), and a loss of holy spirit/Self (East: buddhi/atman). ACIM contains the Insight noted here, but it tends to be 'not seen' since it requires one's own waking INTO that domain.

The most useful, direct, and illuminating expression of this Final level of enlightenment (in which, finally, Life lives us and there are no 'obstacles to loves presence' is this syllogism, from Ramana... "The world is illusion, ONLY Brahman is Real." [see how this could be agreed with by the levels of absolute Idealism?) But then he 'drops the hammer': "Brahman IS the world." Finally, and it is an immense journey of extracting mind from world, soul from mind, and THEN reintegrating them without the distortions of Ego, Seer and Seen are revealed as One.

'I AM the world, for Separation does not exist.'

The universe does not so much disappear as FINALLY REAPPEARS 'as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever shall be'... ALL the mind in separation/recoil in fear made up as a filter AGAINST Creation, DOES UTTERLY vanish. IT is for this reason that ACIM - in just one of its many utterances from the FINAL Levels - states: "there is no place God is NOT." The further one goes into the seat of Consciousness, the more radical this becomes until the great Knot of separation dissolves under its own weight, and it is so utterly obvious: There is ONLY God.

"Be you, therefore, that which you ARE, and you ARE the light that lights the world."
~ Jeshua

You realize that the 'you of you' is always and only been that One, and that the Real World - now seen shining back at you, carrying you, enfolding you, dissolving you into Itself: is the ever Present Divine One: Brahman IS the world.

To the degree we have not quite healed the hidden knot of fear/recoil, it will be VERY TEMPTING to 'rest' in any stage of the process that keeps me 'from' the world, thus saving a self that has not yet uncoiled from its Identity as a separate self. ALL manner of philosophical, and especially meta-physical explanations will be grasped to satisfy the intellect, and confusing the realm of concept/idea with what mystics refers to as 'knowing by Being'.  We come to see the fundamental quality of Brahman. God IS ONLY LOVE.

That tree you look upon now? You have been mistaken because separation veils the power to See: 'it' (and all 'its') Are 'You/I', and all We's the divine's most sacred altar... The tree is God's way of winking back Itself AS You, and all things call us to leave the dreaming self behind and finally arrive, unencumbered, untwisted, unblocked, joining Creation Itself for what it is: Love's Ceaseless Extension!

All Form IS the formless Silence, and all once perceived as 'other' revealed as one's ONLY and very only, Self.


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