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JayemThe Cost of Judgment


We all know our world seems to spin round and round - getting nowhere - because of a virulent dis-ease that the majority of human beings insist on retaining, with most not wanting any kind of 'medication' that might free them of it!

There is a simple reason for this: we desperately believe that it is NECESSARY to survive, and to protect against anything that might threaten us.

And just what is this virulent dis-ease? It is called Judgment.

The only real medication for its treatment is to take up a genuine spirituality. A genuine spirituality BEGINS with a move the Ego hates:

I and I alone am completely responsible for the nature
of my experience.
There is no one to blame.
I am not a victim of the world I see.
Rather, I am creating the world I choose to see,
And then reacting to it,
AS IF it is real.

Ego is fully devoted to being RIGHT about its construct of reality!

Judgment, then, is a key, and deeply embedded fixture; it is ESSENTIAL to keeping Ego's construct in place that we hold on dearly not simply to our judgments of things and others, but that we hold on to our RIGHT to Judge!

In this very brief sharing, I offer you the following as a meditation. For, you see, we simply must undermine this bedrock view of our NEED for the right to judge.

As we entire the dynamics of real awakening, we WILL come to see clearly the truth of the following, and so I share it with you here in a sweet, succinct package:

If I judge you, I lose Love.

If I lose Love, I lose God.

If I lose God, I lose Peace.

If I lose Peace, I lose my Essential Self.

If I lose my Essential Self, I am lost in hallucinations.

Given the above, is judgment EVER, a wise choice?

Whenever we judge, we lose love. NOT because it is taken from us, but because we have thrown it away.

Is this what we want, truly? Is this not, wholly insane?

It is VERY humbling when finally, as a result of engaging in the inward-inquiry and brutal self-honesty a genuine spirituality requires, yet, the result is a quantum leap in the return of peace and the taste of real Freedom!

To transcend the dis-ease of Judgement IS to leap into the Heart of God.


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