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JayemSurrender unto Love


Following is a sharing from Jayem, inspired by an exchange on the Miracles in the Mountains facebook group. Enclosed is an invitation to surrender unto Love:

"I am feeling more and more every day that life is living me, I am not living it. Phew, she says, wiping brow :-) How about you?

Jayem's response:

Hi Kathy, all...

In Lesson Five, Way of the Heart (brilliant in depth, scope, and eloquence, revealing very real stages of the journey of purification/healing, etc.) Jeshua describes subtle nuances of the waking process, ending with this (paraphrased here):

Finally, you come to realize that 'you' do NOT have a life at all!
Rather, Life is living you, and you feel carried in Mystery, moving from mystery to mystery.

And, of course, it feels lighter and lighter, yet we become MORE busy, more 'response-able'...responding to what? To the realization that Christ assumes responsibility for the entire Creation!!!! While ego feels this is a burden, Jeshua shares that "My burden is Light, and my yoke, is easy."

All of this flowers in Surrender, the Fourth Stage of Waking (beginning with the healing of Desire, the clarity of Intention, and - the biggie - Allowing (submitting entirely to a 'voice not one's own', and He does mean, entirely!) But the journey TO the kingdom spits you out on the other side: the journey WITHIN it, which is infinite, knows no end; a ceaseless flowering of the inherent potential of 'Christ Mind'. Gone is arguing for metaphysical points of view, blathering on with ceaseless 'discussions', rather, the free Soul no longer resists real Learning: the art of ceaseless unfolding IN God, that reveals more of God through us. We become happy children, just wanting to be carried into whatever is 'next' in the realm of becoming/form. As we do this, finally, Silence and Sound are One, form and formlessness, body and spirit......there is only God.

Every moment is astounding, when every moment is freely passing through our spacious, open-hearted, awe-struck presence. Jeshua has often said we need to stop being so pious when we pray, and try this on:

Okay, God, is that the best you can do?
Is that all you can reveal of yourself to me, through me, and for all beings?
I am here, take me, for I want more of You!

Only the egoic mind needs a Final Completion, arguing for it’s right to rest smugly in its Alan Watts once put it: "once you get the message, hang up the damn phone and get on with it!!!" Ha! There is NO end...except the end of Separation, that actually returns us to the starting line, for there is no life in what goes before enlightenment, only dreams. FROM enlightenment, "Now, does Life begin, anew." ~ Jeshua.

And it does so in every Moment!!! It's true: ONLY God's Plan Can Work. Yippieeeee!!!!


I wrote the above while sitting here naked at my desk at a retreat center on Maui, sweet beautiful Maui, at the edge of a cliff high above the ocean, the trade winds blowing the fragrance of flowers, trees, and grasses all around me, calling me to the fresh water pools down a steep path, that sit just above a 150 foot waterfall.

I rose at 5 am for time in the sauna, then sat in the hot tub doing my best to breathe in the frequency of yet another breath-taking Maui sunrise. happens when finally we TRULY submit, and let God love us into Itself????? Was thinking it may be time to hold a Gathering here (have done so often, and know Maui better than the back of my own hand!!).

Well, time for a salad made of fresh greens from the organic farm here, then a long 'power swim' in the chlorine-free pool and an hour bathing in warm sunlight. This precious, precious Mother Earth, a living Soul "freely expressing Love to all" ~ Jeshua. It is good to stop and sink into Her love-making!

I always thought doing groups here was kinda like cheating: the Beauty melts the heart open, the mana (life force) pours in, the mind lets go of it's stuff, and Love blossoms. No...I better catch the next flight outta here! All this sensuous extraordinary beauty to bathe in, tempting me to the pagan view that 'heaven is here, there is no other place, heaven is now, there is no other time.'

Maybe instead of a 'love in' we will invite all who are willing to a Way of Mastery IN LOVE Gathering....asking one simple question:

How deeply - truly - ARE you willing to receive the Love of God in every breath, every gesture, every holy encounter, in every song of the birds, and in every scent of flowers?

Now there is a spiritual practice that takes...well...practice! In the fine print: leave your mind behind, with all it's luggage filled with beliefs, fears, agendas, and opinions. Just see if you can sustain allowing Love to love you!!!!! Hmmmmm.........well, off to do some 'research'!

Blessings, all!!! xxxx

PS: Go ahead, discover what it really means to 'let go [of everything] and let God'...just how good CAN it be, truly, WITHIN the Queendom????? Somebody has to find out.....might as well be.....YOU, and every YOU, until we see we are the I of every I, the We of every us, and the It of every object!

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