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JayemSurfing the Waves


It's late now. Most of the passengers have settled in for the night, hoping to catch at least some sleep on this night flight from Singapore to Frankfurt.

I'm not one of them. Sleep eludes me, and it is silently staring at me: the blank, silent, tv screen. Reluctantly, I use the control to turn it on, aimlessly surfing the available movies. Nothing. How about television? Ah, here we go, 'documentaries'. Scrolling down is when it happens. That little 'buzz' in my heart that always tells me Spirit is afoot, and to pay attention.

There it is! A documentary on the selling of surfing! I agree. On the surface, it doesn't sound like much. But that 'buzz' is growing, so without further ado, I click it on. Aaaah, the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii! Well, at least I can tune into the place I love the most on planet earth, and breathe in the scent of her ocean, her flowers.

An hour passes, and the doco nears its end. Didn't know surfing had become big business; hundreds of photographers crowd once desolate Pipeline, more of Haliewa's residents earn a living selling their shots, than do the people riding those, at times, 20 foot snarling and powerful waves.

And that is when God showed up.

In these simple words of Wisdom, a short voice-over by some unseen surfer as I gaze out through the doco camera enthralled by a tiny figure on a board speeding down the white face of a huge wave:

The ocean just keeps giving and giving and giving.
It's like the universal love, it doesn't stop.
All of us here are like the children being loved by the Creator. I feel embraced by the universal Light, you know?
And that's a pretty good feeling!
Like anything, it's there for you if, you know, you live the life you really love, that you really want to live.
Hey, you might not get rich, but you will live your richest life, you know, just loving being in the Light.

Yeah, that's what surfing means to me. It's cool.

~ Pro Surfer (name unknown), Oahu, USA.

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