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JayemSomething Worth Ruminating


There is a monumental distinction between loving another
And loving what we believe their loving of us,
Does for us.

The failure to apprehend this distinction is the root cause
Of all suffering in any and all relationships.

Love, when authentic and devoid of Ego's pathetic grasping and neediness,
Is love of anothers Soul.
And Soul is the sovereign property of God.
To place conditions on another soul is to do two things that insure you remain
Myopic, imprisoned, and hopelessly lost from Sublime Union.

you have usurped the position of God, claiming property rights and authority over another.

You have rendered it impossible to know Love.
(Yes, I said that, and I mean it.)

Discover what it truly means to love another as Sovereign Soul,
By growing the divine capacity to first love your own, truly.

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