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JayemLove, sweet Love


Love is kind. What does this mean?
It gestures toward Creation in a way that does no real harm,
Even if it turns it upside down.

Love is peaceful. What does this mean?
It rests in the Wholeness of its own nature, needing nothing,
and is thus free to give itself away for the sheer delight of doing so.

Love is free. What does this mean?
It requires no conditions be met before it is given,
Nor require any conditions afterward.

Love is the only thing that is already complete in Itself, and is its own reward.

No wonder Christ uttered before leaving our world -
"It is finished," without a trace of regret,
Nor of remorse that all save a few amazing women and one tentatively courageous man
Did not abandon Him.

He loved us, fully and without conditions, thus demonstrating
The fulfilment of Soul and the way to perfect Peace.

This is the only meaning of His words, 'Follow me',
Not by dogmatic obedience, but by a radical transfiguration
In the very seat of the Soul, itself,
Whose Light shatters the grips of Fear and its attendant chattering voice in the skull
We have believed is our greatest friend.

It is but our greatest enemy.

It is not wise to ignore knowing your enemy well.

Until we do, Love is a pipe-dream filled with distortion,
Producing gnawing hunger and tormented dreams.

Love IS all you need, for it is all you Are.

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