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Following is a reply from Jayem in response to a poem shared by a student, thank you Ed!

The Longing

Deep within my soul is a longing.
Sometimes I feel the energy of it
trying to break free;
jumping out of my skin;
grabbing on to the closest passer-by
and shouting,
"do you feel it too?"

I know it's not just me.

When I look into your face,
your eyes
and the water that flows within them,
I see myself
looking back
as if I were inside.

I know then that you understand.
You get it.

We are here together to recognize the longing.
And to let it out.
Let it be.
Free it from its hold.
Follow it.
Allow it to bring us home,
where it will rest.
It will rest.
And then disappear.

Or maybe it becomes something else.

I say to myself,
"follow the longing.
Surely it knows the way."

Reply from Jayem:


In my workshops, we work with these question:

~ what do I truly DO with my longing for God?
~ Have I realized yet that my longing for God IS but God's longing to 'incarnate' IN me, and thus become visible in the world?

We work with truly cultivating the ability to surrender to feeling it, to being 'overwhelmed in it', to breathe the light of spirit with it, and to finally allow the body to be free to be moved however it needs to as it 'shakes out' the effects of repression and denial of this longing.

The longing IS the Light seeking to break through and transfigure us in Soul, and transform us as its own expression. Most folks unconsciously believe it is 'wrong' to have such longing, and have taught themselves to fear it, to 'get a grip and get back to reality'!  But it IS Reality attempting to break into, and break down, our dream!!!

What you write of here may just be the most essential of Keys to real waking. May all beings be touched by your sharing here. Blessings, brother.


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