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JayemLet it Burn


A sharing from Jayem on a facebook group, in response to a quote posted of Osho:

"Enlightenment is always accidental. That does not mean that you have not to try for it, but your trying is not going to bring it. Your effort is not going to achieve it. But making the effort, searching in all directions in every possible way, some day it happens not because of your efforts but because of your intense urge, a tremendous intensity like a flame within you. But it is always accidental; you cannot say, "It happened because I did that. Otherwise, things would have been very simple." ~ Osho

Jayem's response

Yes, we don't 'cause' our growth (and enlightenment is but the further stages of our ceaseless and eternal unfolding, now happening in a theatre near you... like inside your being!) yet WITHOUT our response to this inner Desire, a response that must come to enfold ALL of you, at all moments, Grace cannot descend to penetrate us. We offer the willingness, Grace unravels us into Itself, increasingly, without ceasing.

Years ago, I realized (no, was realized by Grace) that of myself, I was utterly incapable of deciding to desire God. That this was burning inside me, taking over 'my life', was already proof that God IS.

"Your longing for God IS but God's longing for you"

Do you let it burn? Do you give it breath, and the space to be felt, and to drop you to your knees in burning humility? Are you yet willing to let it truly have its way with you and every aspect of your life????

God longs to pour Itself into the cup of the soul, and the soul longs only for this. Our task is to clear up the resistance we made in our minds, then Grace descends.

And just how far are we willing to allow this Mystery to occur in us, as us, for us, through us, and for all beings??????


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