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JayemJeshua and Christianity


One of the participants from our On-Line Ashram asked Jayem a question and we are sharing it here because we feel that both the question and response is something everyone may benefit from hearing:

"Is it taught and believed here that Yeshua died on the cross and conquered the second death by rising again? As a Christian, this has been the cornerstone of my faith and I would appreciate any input or guidance here regarding my question."

Jayem's reply:

It is a mis-understanding that He 'conquered' death (thus, the subsequent beliefs cannot help but be distorted). Rather, He demonstrated the unreality of death, revealing that Life is the life of Soul, or Spirit. Further, He demonstrated that no conditions hold any power at all to cause us to choose against Love. This is a much, much deeper level of Insight to open to, by simply contemplating it.

His one 'mission' was to show anyone willing to look,
and to learn anew,
the real Truth of ALL beings.

This is the gift of the Resurrection: the body is NOT who you are, and it does not limit the capacity of your infinite, free, and eternally loved and loving SOUL. Any limitation is the result of a choice; we 'conform' to the view 'I am the body', and thus experience the results, which will be essentially forms of fear, lack, loss, deprivation, and especially guilt.

Yes, the crucifixion and the resurrection did occur. Of this, He has shared extensively, in various settings, and quite consistently over these past 25 years. In short, what cannot truly exist except from the mistaken perspective 'I am the body and only this', namely, death, cannot be 'conquered' since that would mean it is real. This would mean something actually has power over the Soul God has birthed into being by sharing what He/She/It is fully: the Light of Infinite Spirit.

Belief in Jeshua (Jesus) is a good place to begin, but not a good place to stop! If we truly 'follow Him', we will go far beyond the structure of common Christianity (and all forms of religion) into what we may say is the direct mystical transformation of our deepest sense of separation, finally entering true Forgiveness: return to ORIGINAL Wholeness, beyond the dream of guilt, sin, and death. We are returned as Spirit, whose essential quality is the Light of Love, always, and eternally.

Fear is vanquished, for we see that it is by the power of Spirit that we, as sovereign Soul, have made love, and the distortions of perception that then seem to rule our awareness. The root of them all is guilt, born of the belief we actually have managed to Separate from God, who has then recoiled from us by withdrawing Love.

In fact,

Love is NEVER withdrawn,
For God to do this,
would mean God judges,
yet Love never condemns.

NOR does it ask for compensation, and ritual sacrifice (a shared human stage of rudimentary consciousness taken on by Christianity: the animal sacrifice becomes the human sacrifice which then wins Gods favor. Can this truly make any sense at all?)

There is a 'journey to the kingdom' (the healing of guilt, shame, and the overcoming of the Illusion that I am separate from God, seeing finally that it is BECAUSE THIS CANNOT OCCUR that I have always the power to convince myself I have done so!). Then, there is a 'journey within the kingdom', t'is called Creation, or the extension of the 'Good, the Holy, and the Beautiful'. Our very lives are transformed from getting to giving, the reality of Love, as a celebration that God IS.

Within the second stage are all potentialities; Jeshua demonstrated this to us in all that He did. His one demonstrated truth is simply I and My Father are One, and, as St Paul said: "Let that Mind which was in our Lord, be also in us". That is a call to become the manifestation of Love under all conditions, the greatest (and only) true learning! For in this, we realize as a 'knowing by being what is known' that Only Love IS, Real.

Always has been, always will be. We come to see that 'heaven is here, there is no other place, heaven is now, there is no other time.' We are Home; we are free; we are healed, in love with our Creator, and all things have been returned to the ancient beginning, where real Life may finally begin.


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