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JayemHeavy Laden


We open the branches of the soul heavenward
desiring to acquire the sweet fruits
of the Beloved.

when the blossoming comes
our branches - heavy laden -
bend down to this ordinary world.

Everyone who awakens makes this gesture
before leaving this world for the final time.

As the tree that soared skyward
to drink the sun's light
bends to offer us sustenance as we, too become soaring trees
so, too, does every soul eventually turn back
to give what it has received from the Beloved One.

And only by such pouring out of its ripened fruit
does the soul complete its own receiving of Grace.

For this reason did the Buddha leave the Bodhi Tree
under which he achieved Liberation,
and Jeshua returned to Jerusalem from a cozy valley in Kashmir,
knowing the fruit He was to give was a pretty outlandish demonstration that death is but unreal.

To have the Communion you seek
and the Peace that eludes you,
learn the secret they once learned:

Insure that you give all you receive of the Beloved
before death ends your prime-time show
requesting you return later to complete the filming!

When you have awakened to the All,
you will struggle one last time - not to get, but to give -
and then it will be finished.

The silent breath of the Beloved will lift you from this world
into increasing realms of Light,
where you will - once again - arrive as neophyte.

For there is no end to being unfolded in the infinite loveliness of God.

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