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Such a sad state of affairs!

It appears I won't leave much of a
discernible trace of myself
when I leave this world.

No skyscrapers with my name etched above the entrance,
nor tomb to stand out amidst the headstones
in yet another by-the-freeway cemetery
(throw my ashes in a garbage bin somewhere, anywhere).

What have I accomplished?

Anything of value
Was my Beloved's doing
as She found a way to quicken someone in this world
with Her sweet Love and transforming Grace
through me,
and often - I gladly confess - in spite of me.

I suppose learning to know the difference between
what is mine, and what is Hers
is worth something,
but it can't be sold for royalties:

Everything is hers, nothing is mine.

Anyone who wants the great enlightenment
must surrender wholly into the belly of Mystery,
caring not whether anyone notices the death
and divine re-birth
occurring right under their noses.

And just what, dear friend, are you waiting for?

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