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Following is an exchange as part of an ongoing exploration within the Miracles in the Mountains group, an event gathering together the Scribes of Jeshua and a forum for sharing 'living the work' post A Course in Miracles:

"For me reality is equal to Changeless, which includes non-distinct. I see 'myself' as a temporary manifestation with a beginning and an end, therefore not as reality. Identification with this temporary manifestation is the cause of fear, because then it seems like I can die. Realizing the difference between the temporary and eternal is freedom, the peace of God. Nothing real can be threatened."

Jayem's Reply:

Reality isn't a definition, nor an idea (for example, the definition of 'reality' used in the Course (ACIM) is 'changeless'... we are left with a duality there... a lingering step yet to come. Yes, identification with the 'form of change' is suffering... so, too, is any even subtle 'recoil' or denial that can only occur in the conceptual aspect of mind.

Jeshua has often said, that the passing away of Heaven and Earth means they cease to exist as separate states. While there yet lingers a duality in the mind's conceiving/thus perceiving between changeless and changing, the two remain two.

The realization of the eternal is a key, but only first step; there's something beyond it that emerges from the enfolding of all that changes while at rest in the changeless... it's not something one can 'do'... it emerges as a further illumination, perhaps to say a 'penetration' from higher Mind (beyond even the most useful, subtle dualities). To use the duality so deeply shared in (at least) our western mindset that Jeshua alludes to, heaven and earth DO 'pass away' as separate states, for the aspect of mind that had been holding them in such 'seeing', is finally transcended.

It's been my experience, most humbling so, that how the mind at very subtle - thus very powerful levels - generates and maintains a duality, which revealed itself as being not what causes fear, but is the cause OF it, for here we can no longer keep even the most minute 'distance' from God... one could say (to stay with the use of terms above), when heaven and earth are no longer separate states, 'changeless and changing', spirit and matter, etc. just... vanish.

If we still use concepts ABOUT the eternal, we are actually stepping AWAY from it, from Reality toward ideas (and their words) which are only representations OF it. Which is exactly how the Separation began - I use mind to generate a 'thought' ABOUT something, and on goes the spiral into mind away from Mind.

I wonder what it would be like to simply look at the words, 'reality equals changeless'... until they are just what they are: words representing an Idea.

What would it be like to slip beyond it?

To utter all what that would be, I suppose we could borrow from the East: Reality is neti, neti (not this, not that) AND iti! iti! (This AND That)!

Sometimes I call it 'popping': in a flash awareness is free, truly, of the realm of conception altogether; there is an immediacy of Knowing that has nothing to do with conceiving based on chosen ideas, nor is it anything one can take credit for, since it's not a 'doing'. The spell breaks altogether: words we may both be familiar with at this point are things like 'Only Love is Real', (literally, and everything IS that).

One sees that what was 'unreal' was the 'world' the dualistic mind literally generates as a 'veil' or substitute.

But, this stage - beyond the realization that a glimpse of even divine ideas OF the eternal - is inevitable once the Soul's 'homing beacon' is fixed properly.

What does that?

The mysterious point where the longing/desire for God wakes up in the heart.

The end is perfectly certain, then, yet you aren't 'doing' or striving: you simply have come to realize that staying on the conveyer belt is the only choice worth making!

Then, the eternal explodes in... as, and through every single thing (from quasars to a thought), shining everywhere and AS every 'thing' (except, things aren't quite 'things' anymore...)

It's a bit paradoxical: mind finally sees it's total incapability to 'know' at the representational/conceptual level that has so transfixed us (the place where the 'world' exists).


Jeshua once gave me this to do (for a long time, daily - it's a subtle practice really...)

He asked me to cultivate awareness of each time the mind generated a concept or Idea ABOUT God/Reality, and then simply look AT it, suggesting to me to say, 'This is a limited thought, too'.

Funny, it seemed so simple, I didn't see the point! Until months of doing it had passed by, and I was surprised at how pissed I got saying such a thing about some of the ideas my mind was generating!!

But finally, the 'pop' happened, and instantly I realized His essential axiom for waking (found in both ACIM and WOM) was so obvious:

'I do NOT know what a single thing, IS'

The whole field of the conceiving mind was laid bare... I saw that 'I' as mind can never 'know' God, NOR Reality... I can, however, surrender the grip of recoil that leads to the need for representations of IT.

That nothing I 'call' Reality is really IT, at all... there is always a distance between Reality and the Idea OF it, no matter how lofty or useful the Idea may be.

This went on for quite a while; 'things' became, well, rather, lucid, flowing, with no solid boundaries, and everything 'shimmered' as Light. 'Mind' essentially stopped thinking ABOUT, well, anything!!! There was just this... hmmm... infinite spacious stillness.

Gradually, I came to experience this spacious stillness as the essence of everything 'seen', but it was no longer the mind doing the 'seeing' (because that involves the tap root of 'naming'/deciding, 'not this, only that').

This may sound a bit odd, I know, but... if you really want the direct 'taste' of the eternal? Close your eyes, and then open them: it is right in front of you, and it is the field from which 'you' as observer have mysteriously arisen!

That is about when Duality vanished... and with it all questions, trepidations of anything, and fear became a fading echo of a memory. 'This, too (whatever 'this' is arising) IS effortlessly 'That'!

Amazing Grace... always here, eternally, with no need to explain anything away, nor even to call it 'changing' or 'changeless'.

And so it finally came to pass that I fell irrevocably IN Love, With, God, Who simply has always been All in All. It was simply 'me' that had seemed to 'go' somewhere, and then imagine an unfathomable distance between us.

But, of course, there is none... not even the distance between symbols like, for example, 'changeless' and 'changing'.

Poof! All Gone! Blessings! xxx

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