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A sharing from Jayem, inspired by this quote from Plato:

"The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the Soul in another person." ~ Plato

Jayem's response:

YESSSS... this marks a very, very real 'conversion' in the 'seat of awareness'.

Think about it... before there is an 'I' who truly operates either at 'getting from' or, at best, 'mutual value'. When Soul penetrates body-mind sufficiently, there is a revelation, a direct seeing that there is NO (longer) any purpose but this, in ALL relationships. It transfigures even intimate relationships: children, partner, lover, etc. I refer to this as devotion to the 'flowering of the Soul in the 'other', for with the revelation/transfiguration, comes the knowing that this flowering is actually the ONLY thing that the other really wants, even if they do not yet consciously know this. One finds themselves, perhaps, no longer 'rescuing' others from their pain/lessons, or perhaps standing firm and 'challenging' ego where, before, one might 'bite their tongue and be nice so no one gets disturbed'. In short, one is in a whole new Sphere of Being.

What does it require? The same thing as ALL new Spheres: humility, the willingness to be 'taught anew', sustained devotion, in short, divine studentship. Are we willing to serve the flowering of another's Soul even if it means they no longer 'like us', pull away, or move on beyond us????? Can I love fully and remain devoted to what truly longs to live in them, as them, and through them, no matter what it means, or how it may affect 'me'?

Yess, beyond this 'me' is a domain of fulfillment that just cannot be understood without living in the Sphere of Soul. Aaah, that Plato! He was rather amazing...


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