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JayemBrittle Bones


Do you know what it means to exist?

It means the Beloved is so lost in this very moment
contemplating you,
wanting to smother your cheeks and mouth in kisses,
that nothing but a big smile
Is crossing Her face!

Get this into the bones of your very soul.

In fact, stop wasting time doing anything
Until you do.

arise and dance your life until -
bones brittle and exhausted
from giving the kiss of the Shimmering One
to this world -
you are shattered into the dust of the earthand probably quickly forgotten,
while your soul flies far and away
to sings songs of love-praise to the Beloved
in between the sweet grapes
She will be dropping into your hungry mouth!

Go ahead now. Get it into your very bones.

Take up your lot with the radically free.

No one else, you see,
is living at all.

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