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JayemBody, in Love: What's it's role?


The answer rests in the crucial distinction
Between getting and giving.

Getting begins in error,
For it perceives there is a lack, and what begins in error
Can produce only, error.

Giving begins in God, flowing through Awakened Soul,
And gesturing through our humanity freed of Egoic hunger,
Precisely because Soul knows there is no lack.

Getting imprisons the Soul because Ego believes that by taking what another appears to have
(regardless of how 'nice' our taking appears!),
what Ego has, increases (with no concern over what the other loses).

Soul possesses only what it was made for, and what it is made of:
The Love of G-d, moving through it to extend Creation, the very revelation of God.

The body cannot get anything, nor be used to accomplish the goal of Getting,
Yet this is what Ego is doing all the time!

Getting is not the same as Receiving.

When you receive love extended from another Soul (person, flower, sunrise, song)

You have opened your Heart beyond all Getting into the Remembrance of Love.

Love cannot be gotten, its Presence can only be Remembered in feeling-communion.

Remembrance does not require any other,

For it is available directly in God, in every moment, under all conditions,

And thereby is beyond all conditions whatsoever.

Remembrance is a Whole-Being event:
Soul opens that opens Mind that opens body into the rest of Sublime and Shimmering Presence.

It is never possible for the body to give love:
(though Ego would love to have another believe this, so it can strive to get what it wants from the other).

Only the Soul loves,

Knowing that it is but the Servant of Love, not possessor of it, and cannot use it for any personal goal.

It follows that one cannot get love by seeking to possess or control
(even by socially sanctioned contrivances like marriage)
The body of another.
Nor could such use of the body ever succeed in gaining ownership of another's Soul.
(But haven't we all longed to possess the beloved?)

The wise know the secret:

Giving fulfils the desire which fuels all mistaken Egoic attempts to get.

Go ahead, discover what it means to Give without a trace of taking it all so personally.
By doing so, you will awaken from the brutality of seeking to fulfil a hunger
that getting can never fill.

And more, you will see, truly see, that the giving of Love is already its own fulfilment;
Every moment is complete, with nothing lingering to haunt you!

Be humbled in radical enlightenment:

The Fulfilled One is already the one wasting precious time seeking to get, Love.

And be Free.

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