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JayemBlessed Paradox


When we begin our journey Home,
we have no idea just what a tangled web we have woven as we separated
from Love, which is God.

We cannot know, for the tangled web is woven with threads of denial;
the very lifeline of the Ego.

Luckily (Grace appears this way in the beginning),
just about the time we are really getting honest about how vast the web Really is (feeling the necessary embarrassment, shame, shock, sickness, and guilt all of which are stepping stones out of the web),

We have also begun to taste the fruits of this most daring of journeys:
to dare to turn around, and look into the depths of the web itself: Ego's Blackness.

We are already changed forever,
realizing our true Joy is never in fulfilling the Ego,
but in the grace-led shattering of it!

The wise give themselves to this Alchemical Fire.

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