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JayemBlessed Ignorance


Resting in peace
I abide in quiet joy.

The Shimmering One
has managed to wring out of me a whole nest
of useless desires,
until, I am afraid,
only That One's desire
do I remain capable of caring about.

Knowing not where I go,
Judging not where I have been,
I rest in the eternal Presence of the Beloved.

Trusting alone
That One that breathes me into existence
in each and every moment
as Her Kosmic Train hurtles me through the dimensions
of Infinite Possibilities - just to share them with me -
I claim nothing as mine but my obvious ignorance.

I am lived as a dance of flowing waters
On the way to a sea alone which is Home.

My constant blessing of every moment of this journey
Makes me dwell in this Ocean even now!

I praise the Beloved by setting all beings and worlds free
to be as they are, while I
secretly enjoy loving them, one and all.

This is the only desire left, you see, and I can't even claim it as my own!
It's so good to be so utterly poor.

A single molecule of searching out there
For what you are so sure is missing in here
is a certain recipe
for throwing yourself out of God's Ocean
of Amazing Grace.

Remember, just one molecule and poof!
there you are,
dashed and dazed against the barren desert rocks
Wondering 'How could this have happened to me?

Let That One put you through the wringing out process.

Come to this eternal Ocean,
and finally,

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