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Following is a sharing in response to an inspiration from A Course in Miracles:

"You see? To call it unreal, to call it an illusion, to dismiss it as meaningless is to attack it. So here's the thing: If you want to experience the Kingdom of Heaven confronting you right now, instead of the material world and universe that you think is confronting you, you've got to want to join with it. In joining with it you're going to be validating it, not invalidating by calling it an illusion. And by being willing to join with it, you abandon all of the justifications you have for not joining with, which are the mean-spirited definitions that you've applied to it, causing it to seem to be not the Presence of God, causing it to seem to be a material world and universe. You see?

So it's imperative that you not be calling anything that's confronting you an illusion. You may be seeing a misperception, but you're misperceiving something holy."

~ an excerpt from A Course In Miracles Study Group, Northwest Foundation for ACIM.

Jayem's response:

"Healing IS the effect of [truly] joining" ~ A Course in Miracles... "Love allows all things, trusts all things, embraces all things, and thereby transcends all things.~ Way of Mastery.

The moment I name a thing, I separate from it, even when that name is 'illusion': I have left the real world and escaped to an idea in the mind that is yet fearful of Presence, and actually lacks trust. The only illusion IS Separation, the only Reality is exquisite Oneness: the only illusory world is made in the part of the mind that is in fearful recoil from what IS, now: this Moment unveils God for awareness that has left the mind and uncoiled in the Heart. This is why 'Love Heals All Things'.

In Love, fear is vanished and it's allure of necessity is truly vanquished.

In Love, all metaphysics are cast aside as now meaningless rungs on a ladder, all 'naming' dissolves in the Awe of Perfect Mystery:
God shines in, as, and through all Forms.

How about that! The Beloved One has been here all along! It is only us who have certified ourselves 'temporarily insane'!

Yes... though it takes being lived into Love truly to see it: Holy Perfection operating astoundingly so, pervades all moments, ALL of them. Discover the part that recoils, heal it into full Presence, and only AWE remains. Holy Shit begins as yet a subtle judgment, and ends as an exclamation shouting across the universe: what an astounding Mystery, this! This is where the way of Forgiveness really ends, vanishing forever as one of the rungs on the ladder: in constant quiet joy, the soul returned to the Reality of this sheer Awe of Mystery arising - for me right now... as fingers tapping a keyboard while the dawn birds begin their song of welcoming all of Creation, reminding me to have a cup of tea and sing praises to the Beloved One!!!

Love is beyond the mind, entirely. Go there, now!

(Thanks, Kathy... this post is vintage Jeshua...) xxx

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