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JayemAwakening the Spiritual Eye


Jayem shares in response to a lesson from ACIM on Soul Identity:

ACIM The original unedited unchanged text


"ONLY the mind is capable of illumination. The *Soul* is already illuminated, and the body in itself is too dense. The mind, however, can BRING its own illumination TO the body by recognizing that density is the opposite of intelligence, and therefore unamenable to independent learning. It is, however, easily brought into alignment with a mind which has learned to look beyond density toward light.

Corrective learning always begins with awakening the spiritual eye, and turning away from belief in physical sight."

Response from Jayem:

Yes, first, the original UR text is really the only one worth reading, for a few simple reasons: it is the closest one gets to what Helen actually scribed; there is no 'watering down' of crucial words such as 'spiritual eye' and 'soul' into the generalised 'mind'... these three each are very unique aspects of how Light operates. For example, while 'mind' can understand, it does not really 'see into', that is what the quality of Light as 'eye' does (in buddhism it is the 'buddhi'; in Jeshua's tradition it is the power of 'shem' [i.e., holy spirit, our own deepest 'spiritual eye'].

Another key to what you have shared is: 'corrective learning always BEGINS with awakening the spiritual eye'. Turning within, silence, willingness to question one's rigid beliefs, LovesBreath... there are lots of things that help to "soften what is rigid within" SO that we re-awaken this Eye. The 'Light comes on', quite literally: this is Home or deepest Self; it is often confused with the final goal, which it isn't.

The key to this is in this statement I've quoted: when Jeshua says something 'begins' He always means there will be a process that emerges/grows FROM it. What is that in this context? It is what He calls 'descent': now Home, the Light will 'penetrate downward' to re-create the various levels of our being: mind (how it thinks/perceives) feeling (see especially Way of the Heart and Way of Transformation on this): a new sensitivity to vibration or frequency/quality of energy emerges, along with new capacities to 'transmit' Light, and finally, 'down into the cells of the body, while it lasts'.

All levels become increasingly transparent, aligned, and of service to the atonement in ways the lower mind cannot understand at all: without the Spiritual Eye (and to the degree which it is awakened and operating), mind is rather lost in beliefs and intellectual-isms, confusing its understanding for 'knowledge', (Jeshua defines this as knowing by Being that which is Known). It is a journey of reclaiming all the territory once made to keep Light OUT, now given over completely to serving the incarnation of Light into every nook and cranny of life. Yet, 'descent' belongs on the other side of the doorway from seeking: "there is a journey TO the kingdom" [the waking of the Spiritual Eye] ends this stage, "and then, there is a journey WITHIN it" ~ Jeshua... a constant unfolding of the penetration of Light/revelation, emerging skills affecting all levels of our being, and thus, our experience.

It happens first within us, and giving all we have received is a key PART of "continuing kosmic education", and will and IS culminating in the full waking of Mankind: the coming of Heaven to Earth. The ONLY place we can KNOW that GOD IS, is precisely where we had believed we had succeeded in shutting God out. THAT is when we know that Separation FAILED FROM THE BEGINNING. From the excerpt: "...easily brought into alignment..." Thus, it is CRITICAL, as we awaken, to INCREASE 'discipline and vigilance', for we are dealing with more power of Light, and the descent process requires it, since all of our 'lazy habits' are but effects of the attempt of separation, and have come to 'feel like me'.

This is why in Way of Transformation He makes it clear that the greater depth one has to understanding, feeling, and knowing the self you made to keep God out, the GREATER space there is to be IN-formed by Love. I am reminded of His ancient teaching "Seek first the Queendom [kingdom]"... in LIGHT of the excerpt you have graciously brought to light for us and... hopefully... in the very brief response from me here, we can begin to see there is far more to this critical choice point than may at first be seen.

It really speaks to the Third Sphere of the journey: TRANSFIGURATION (after translation first: adopting new beliefs/perspectives; initial re-training of the mind... then transformation second: turning within to really go into the ego's blackness, uprooting any remaining deeply held hurts/recoils, etc; bringing correction to the use of time, mind, feeling, and behaviors;).

How far can this 'correction that BEGINS with the waking of the Spiritual Eye', go???

How far does one Want TO GO?

As with all things, it is up to the sovereign freedom of every Soul to elect via desire what it is willing to allow/receive.
~ Jayem

A response to this sharing from a student of ACIM...

"Wow wow wow

You are describing my journey thus far and yes it is time to uproot those remaining deeply held hurts/recoils. RECOILS... I so relate to that. These have been coming up too. I never got that far into Way of Mastery although Jeshua has had me open it many times at particular pages.

Likely because ACIM was still so useful for me at the time and I had my own tailored journey going on. Still, I can see now that I really need to pick it up again for it actually speaks about things happening for me that aren't really covered in ACIM, however much I love it.

I suddenly feel so understood and not so crazy after all. It does just seem to continue and continue and yet I am getting more attuned to simply resting in the allowing-ness of it all, this process being done both to me and through me. It is a beautiful space to be.

Wow, I am just so grateful right now I am rendered speechless."
~ Nikki

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