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Jayem's Blog

Responding to Anger

  A student asked Jayem a question, and we felt his response was something everyone would benefit from hearing, as it is a universal energy, so we have chosen to share his response here with you all... "What is the best way to respond or not respond to other people's…


Forgiveness and the Beatitudes

  We are sharing here an interaction between Jayem and a participant from one of our online programs as it is valuable reading for everyone: "For reasons I cannot explain, other than ego, I am having a difficult time feeling connected. Well, actually, I do understand where it is coming…


The Cost of Judgment

  We all know our world seems to spin round and round - getting nowhere - because of a virulent dis-ease that the majority of human beings insist on retaining, with most not wanting any kind of 'medication' that might free them of it! There is a simple reason for…


Faith, great mystery, great enigma!

  Faith,great mystery, great enigma! What is it that calls the bird to sing while dawn is yet night, and the child to leave its mothers womb to burst into the world?   What is it that moves the soul from its slumber rising toward a God unseen and unknown? …


Come Home

  The first rays of a new dawn touched me so lightly, waking me from slumber. I yawned and stretched, but my eyelids kept battling against this intrusion, growing even heavier with each effort by me to open them. Finally, I just relax, and began to notice the light itself.…


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