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Jayem's Blog

Body, in Love: What's it's role?

  The answer rests in the crucial distinctionBetween getting and giving. Getting begins in error,For it perceives there is a lack, and what begins in errorCan produce only, error. Giving begins in God, flowing through Awakened Soul,And gesturing through our humanity freed of Egoic hunger,Precisely because Soul knows there is…



  Following is an interaction between Jayem and a student from our online program that we would like to share as it is valuable reading for everyone: "I had started to feel like I was struggling" that my resistance was high. And then, the night before last I just felt…


Blessed Paradox

  When we begin our journey Home,we have no idea just what a tangled web we have woven as we separatedfrom Love, which is God. We cannot know, for the tangled web is woven with threads of denial;the very lifeline of the Ego. Luckily (Grace appears this way in the…


To Holy Spirit or not to Holy Spirit - that is the question?

  If the Holy Spirit speaks,and no one is listening,does the Holy Spirit even exist???!! (No, just as god doesn't exist for anyone until they cultivate the capacity in which god begins to be discerned. Usually, the result of wanting to find a way out of suffering!!!) First, Holy…


Jeshua and Christianity

  One of the participants from our On-Line Ashram asked Jayem a question and we are sharing it here because we feel that both the question and response is something everyone may benefit from hearing: "Is it taught and believed here that Yeshua died on the cross and conquered the…


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