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Jayem's Blog

Please Say It Isn't So

  It is my solemn duty to report to youThat your life (the collection of experiences you call 'me')Is the result of your prayer. It reveals all that you have truly asked for,And what you have (so far) been willing to receive. We can truly turn to, look at, and…


Love, sweet Love

  Love is kind. What does this mean?It gestures toward Creation in a way that does no real harm,Even if it turns it upside down. Love is peaceful. What does this mean?It rests in the Wholeness of its own nature, needing nothing,and is thus free to give itself…


Holy Fire

  No one fully awakens while avoiding Love as Fire.It is a Fire that roils, boils, and renders every vestige of Egoburnt toast. It is a Firethat traps us in the corner of our false constructs,secret hopes,and seething secret wish lists,rendering us unable to avoid seeing the pitiful thing…



  When you speak ill of another,Or gossip about what "bugs" you about them,You are clearly demonstrating for all to see that you have not yet learnedThe principle of the Path:Ahimsa (non violence). Because this is so evident with each condescending wordAnd every vomited complaint,Any quarter-brained person would be quick…



  God cannot be found, Only forgotten and, when we are ready,   Fully remembered.

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