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Jayem's Blog

Tasting Reality

  Following is a sharing from Jayem, in response to a question as part of an on-going dialogue on facebook. 'Doesn't understanding and experience come from words and ideas?' Jayem's reply: Thank you for your very, very important question. Take something simple, say... tasting chocolate. (a personal favorite!) …


Something Worth Ruminating

  There is a monumental distinction between loving anotherAnd loving what we believe their loving of us,Does for us. The failure to apprehend this distinction is the root cause Of all suffering in any and all relationships. Love, when authentic and devoid of Ego's pathetic grasping and neediness,Is love of…


Surfing the Waves

  It's late now. Most of the passengers have settled in for the night, hoping to catch at least some sleep on this night flight from Singapore to Frankfurt. I'm not one of them. Sleep eludes me, and it is silently staring at me: the blank, silent, tv screen. Reluctantly,…


Psst! Want some Advice?

  Oh, I see you.Racing about doing, doing, seeking, seeking, wanting, desiring... Love.Looking for it not just in all the wrong places, but where it cannot ever be found. Do you want to be happy? Then cultivate your infinite, radiant ability to love another where they are and…


Correcting Mistakes

  Following is a response from Jayem, inspired by a question from A Course in Miracles teacher: "When is it O.K. to correct another's mistakes? You probably run into this problem as often as I do. When you see someone you are close to making a huge mistake, do…


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