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Jayem's Blog

Surrender unto Love

  Following is a sharing from Jayem, inspired by an exchange on the Miracles in the Mountains facebook group. Enclosed is an invitation to surrender unto Love: "I am feeling more and more every day that life is living me, I am not living it. Phew, she says, wiping brow…


What’s the Cost?

  For drinking deeply from the wineskin of true Peace,the price is the willingness for courage. The courage to discover what it is to love without limits or conditions,finally realizing Love IS God reaching to Her creations through you. The courage to discover what it is to forgive without mis-givings,and…


Eternity Revealed

  Following is an exchange as part of an ongoing exploration within the Miracles in the Mountains group, an event gathering together the Scribes of Jeshua and a forum for sharing 'living the work' post A Course in Miracles: "For me reality is equal to Changeless, which includes non-distinct. I…


What is it to love?

  What is it to love?It is to serve the flowering of another's soul and never tire. What is devotion?To gladly learn anew and enjoy never being filled. What is surrender?To extend loving and serving forever learning to improve these,Ceaselessly, and without end. Here find the Holy…



  Here is a valuable piece of guidance from Jayem addressing a student's question and comments on an 'extreme shifts' from Union to Ego... "Is anyone else feeling such extremes of beingness and then absolute despair? Yesterday, I felt so profoundly in my truth after seeing through some lies, that…


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