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Jayem's Blog


  Dawn comes to greet the night Like a quiet friend to my Doorstep. Without a sound She calls me to waking Through the touch of this soft New light. I rise, Before this delicious moment vanishes And with it, A missed opportunity to receive Just one tiny jewel of…


Awakening the Spiritual Eye

  Jayem shares in response to a lesson from ACIM on Soul Identity: SOUL IDENTITYA COURSE IN MIRACLES - WITH SOULACIM The original unedited unchanged text3878. "ONLY the mind is capable of illumination. The *Soul* is already illuminated, and the body in itself is too dense. The mind, however, can…


Your Last Decision

  Your last decision is the only sane one you will ever make.It is the decision, finally, to become the prey of G-d,Rather than praying to G-d, attempting to persuade Her to give you the tawdry baublesYou have come to love more than Her. Ask yourself:Can further delay bring…


Beyond Illusion

  Following is a sharing in response to an inspiration from A Course in Miracles: "You see? To call it unreal, to call it an illusion, to dismiss it as meaningless is to attack it. So here's the thing: If you want to experience the Kingdom of Heaven confronting you…


To see as God

  Following is an exchange inspired by a teaching from A Course in Miracles (ACIM): "ACIM says the following: 'God is in everything I see because God is in my mind'... what's it getting at, really?" Jayem's response: My longing for God is actually God's longing to 'descend' or…


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