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Jayem's Blog

Trust the journey

  Following is a question and answer interaction between Jayem and a student, a previous participant of the Jewels of the Christ Mind course. This question arose in response to one of the assignments: "For the last 2 years I have already studied the "Way of" series and have done…


Let it Burn

  A sharing from Jayem on a facebook group, in response to a quote posted of Osho: "Enlightenment is always accidental. That does not mean that you have not to try for it, but your trying is not going to bring it. Your effort is not going to achieve it.…


There is Only God

  A sharing from Jayem, inspired by the following quote from Sri Ramana Maharshi: "The Vedantins do not say that the world is not real. This is a misunderstanding. They say "All this is Brahman". The meaning is that the world is unreal as the world but real as SELF.…



  A sharing from Jayem, inspired by this quote from Plato: "The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the Soul in another person." ~ Plato Jayem's response: YESSSS... this marks a very, very real 'conversion' in the 'seat of awareness'. …


Unifying Heart and Mind

  This is a sharing from Jayem, inspired by the following quote from Osho: "Looking at a sunset, just for a second you forget your separateness: you are the sunset. That is the moment when you feel the beauty of it. But the moment you say that it is a…


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