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Jayem's Blog


  The first traces of light dance faintly against my eyelids, and this body is stirred to waking. Where does the light end, and the eyelids begin? Where is this point of communion, this marriage that births the child of waking? Have you ever tried to find it? I am…


ACIM and Way of Mastery

  A student recently asked: "What is the difference between ACIM (A Course in Miracles) and Way of Mastery and where do they conflict?" First, perceived conflict - when looking upon teachings that come from the very highest levels of Wisdom - is not in the teachings themselves, but…


Tonight the moon...

  Tonight the moon shines silver upon the earth. In the distance, The echo of a chanting priest In the temple. Soft, almost imperceptible breeze. This moment. You read these words, And all things are arising of themselves, Just so. Where is perfection hidden? Where is your purpose denied you? …


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