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Jayem's Blog

What is it to love?

  What is it to love?It is to serve the flowering of another's soul and never tire. What is devotion?To gladly learn anew and enjoy never being filled. What is surrender?To extend loving and serving forever learning to improve these,Ceaselessly, and without end. Here find the Holy…



  Here is a valuable piece of guidance from Jayem addressing a student's question and comments on an 'extreme shifts' from Union to Ego... "Is anyone else feeling such extremes of beingness and then absolute despair? Yesterday, I felt so profoundly in my truth after seeing through some lies, that…


Tasting Reality

  Following is a sharing from Jayem, in response to a question as part of an on-going dialogue on facebook. 'Doesn't understanding and experience come from words and ideas?' Jayem's reply: Thank you for your very, very important question. Take something simple, say... tasting chocolate. (a personal favorite!) …


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