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Jayem's Blog


  When you speak ill of another,Or gossip about what "bugs" you about them,You are clearly demonstrating for all to see that you have not yet learnedThe principle of the Path:Ahimsa (non violence). Because this is so evident with each condescending wordAnd every vomited complaint,Any quarter-brained person would be quick…



  God cannot be found, Only forgotten and, when we are ready,   Fully remembered.

Body, in Love: What's it's role?

  The answer rests in the crucial distinctionBetween getting and giving. Getting begins in error,For it perceives there is a lack, and what begins in errorCan produce only, error. Giving begins in God, flowing through Awakened Soul,And gesturing through our humanity freed of Egoic hunger,Precisely because Soul knows there is…


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