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A Way of Mastery Retreat with Jayem

September 16th – September 22nd, 2018

Donegal, Ireland

Relax. Listen within…be still an instant…do you feel the Call?

Streams of Joy!

We extend the Call to you: Come! Join in abandoned devotion to the Power of Love with Friends of the Heart! Be at rest in Divine Wonder:

'How might we join to melt ever more deeply into the Heart of God,
that is both within us and all around us?

Just how much Love are we willing to open to truly,
even radically, together?'

Under Jayem’s masterful orchestration and as always joined by Jeshua and the Lineage, we will join to watch fear die in the sacred intimacy of Love’s Presence! We come to delight in the miracles of healing, revelation, and activations of Light designed to penetrate us to the core, and open us to exquisite ecstasy!

Can you think of a better use of Time?

Immerse, discover, melt, via:

  • LovesBreath: Level One and introducing Light Currents and the art of Blessing.

  • Radical Inquiry: seeing through Ego’s Comical Argument against God.

  • Alchemy of Aramaic Teachings:
    • Chanting, Dance
    • Seeing life from Soul
    • Key practices of the Lord’s Prayerand Beatitudes

  • Lively Transformative Q&A: what if every question held by the mind is actually a delightful doorway to divine laughter and illumination, for all of us?? This will be fun!

  • Sacred Touch:  Sacred Intimacy. What DOES it feel like, and what can truly occur when Christ is touching Christ, the body and breath instruments to heal, comfort, nurture, and bless?

  • The Christ Meditation: deepen and extend via ‘rounding’ Jeshua’s famous ‘abide as Christ’ meditation in Way of the Heart

What’s included?

  • Lodging for 6 nights/all meals: dinner16th through lunch 22nd

  • Tuition

  • All sacred site outings: attunement with portals and transmissions of Light

  • All group sessions: recording permitted by Jayem and group prior to each gathering.


Janet Deane
Mobile:  00353 876123214



Full price, 650 Euro
Early Bird Discount, 585 Euro available for all who complete a one time payment before August 15th

All payments include a 100 Euro non-refundable deposit