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Jayem's Blog

Brittle Bones

  Do you know what it means to exist? It means the Beloved is so lost in this very momentcontemplating you,wanting to smother your cheeks and mouth in kisses,that nothing but a big smileIs crossing Her face! Get this into the bones of your very soul. In fact, stop wasting…



  Following is a reply from Jayem in response to a poem shared by a student, thank you Ed! The Longing Deep within my soul is a longing.Sometimes I feel the energy of ittrying to break free;jumping out of my skin;grabbing on to the closest passer-byand shouting,"do you feel…


Blessed Ignorance

  Resting in peaceI abide in quiet joy. The Shimmering Onehas managed to wring out of me a whole nestof useless desires,until, I am afraid, only That One's desire do I remain capable of caring about. Knowing not where I go,Judging not where I have been,I rest in the eternal…


The Rich Man

  Recall the parable of the rich man who comes to the Master seeking entrance into the Kingdom. Falling on his knees, the rich man begs for salvation. On-lookers, assuming the great compassion of the Master, quietly anticipate His reaction: a hand placed lovingly on the man's head, a few…


Bad address

  That street where you have been livingIs not your real home.What do you think your discomfort has been telling you? Pack your bags. Better yet,Leave all that stuff behind for the next tenant passing throughAnd, no matter what, don't look back!You'll only end up a statue of…


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